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Mutating figure changes man’s life – Edinburg, Texas

Hi, my name is Jose, this is my story and what led me to believe in the paranormal. A group of friends and I created a team dedicated to the investigation of the paranormal to help people with similar problems. I grew up in Edinburg Texas. I must of had been at least 12 years old. My parents had rented a house there for us to live in while my dad was building our home. We didn’t last very long there, at the most probably 6 months. There was nothing abnormal about the house when we moved in but, as the days passed, things started to change.

Sometimes, I would be taking a bath and the light would turn off. Also, I would be in the restroom brushing my teeth and the shower would turn on. At other times I would be watching TV in my room and the door would open and when I would get up and see which one of my brothers it was, I would find myself starring down an empty hall and no one was there.

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Ghost Kids Dancing on Bed – La Homa

On the heels of naming La Homa Road in Mission as The Most Haunted Road in Texas, we received another story from there. We are not entirely sure if this could be duendes or ghost kids, let us know what you think in the comments below.

I live in La Homa, Mission, Texas, with my wife and in laws and. I have lived here for a total of 3 years already. Well one day we got home from church and my wife decided to take a shower while I stayed in our room watching television with the lights off. I was feeling comfortable and cold so I grabbed my cover and started dozing off. I closed my eyes with the covers over my head, all of a sudden in an instant I felt a force pulling me down as I fought to get up, while trying to move, I felt small feet jumping or prancing on top of my bed and heard voices. I felt my heart racing and continued trying to get up, before I arose I heard a terrible demonic voice saying, “heheheheheheh, have fun tonight”.

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Anniversary of Mission Bus Tragedy – Alton, Texas

This story comes from Alton, Texas.  Our respect goes out to the families involved in this tragic school bus accident.

Today marks the anniversary of one of the Rio Grande Valley’s most horrific incidents.  It was the beginning of the school year in Mission, Texas in September 1989 when a Dr. Pepper truck caused a school bus to fall over the ledge of a caliche pit full of water.  21 precious children drowned that day.

Today, it is fenced in.  People have claimed to hear the screams of the children.  However, most of the locals figure it is the teens that hang around there. Continue reading Anniversary of Mission Bus Tragedy – Alton, Texas

The Haunted Mirror

This story was submitted to us by a South Texas man.  Check it out!

“This story was told to me by one of my cousins during a cookout.  This is the story relayed from his point of view:

I had a friend from Mexico that one day purchased an old Victorian sized wall mirror from an antique store and the seller told him a few warning signs before taking the mirror home.  He said the mirror must always remain covered up during the night.

Once my friend got home with the mirror, he admired his reflection before covering it up.  When dusk approached and his room started to get dark, he swore he heard someone knocking inside the covered mirror.  So like the saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat.”  He uncovered the mirror and what he states next is kind of hard to believe.

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The Hangman Figure of La Homa Road (Mission, TX)

This next story comes to us from Casey out of Mission, TX.  He currently lives on what is becoming one of the most infamous roads in all of Texas, La Homa Road.  Check out Casey’s story.

“I live on La Homa Road in Mission TX.  I moved in 3 years ago with my wife and mother in law.  This year my wife and I have experienced awkward sightings and noises after I moved in, here are some of those experiences.

First of all, my wife has always been sensitive to the spirit world.  She has an ability to see ghosts.  One day, as she was showering, she looked over to the small window which happened to be open just enough for her to see outside.

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Phantom Bike Rider of La Homa Road (Mission, TX)

La Homa Road in Mission, TX seems to be a hot spot for paranormal and unexplained activity as we have received a few different stories from  people who live in the area.   Check it out.

“This story was told to me by one of my best friends, the same friend that had this horrifying experience. This dates back to 1995, when my friend was night cruising with a group of friends after work.  Back then, La Homa Road was just a citrus grove plantation full of orange trees, not many houses, just this lonely two lane road with no street lights.

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The Lady in White of Bicentennial Blvd. (McAllen, Texas)

This story was submitted to us by a man from the border town of McAllen, Texas.  Check it out.

“This happened to me and two of my cousins on a Friday night back in 2007.  I was driving down Nolana and Bicentennial Blvd.  Back then Bicentennial was not expanded like it is now.

There was a little stream that ran parallel to the Museum.  It was kind of late at night when I came to a stop right in front of where the little stream was.  We ended up in front of the Mcallen Museum.


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The Phantom Bike Rider of La Piedad Cemetery (Mcallen, TX)

Police officers are often faced with a variety of difficult and life threatening situations while on the job.  From armed robberies to missing persons, police deal with a diverse range of unique situations.

This next story was submitted to us by a retired police officer from the McAllen Police Department who experienced something strange and creepy near a cemetery while patrolling in south McAllen .  Check out his story.

“I am a retired McAllen police officer.  During my time as an officer, I encountered some strange things.  This is one of them.

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Demonic Activity On Benson Road and 44th Lane Forces Family To Move (McAllen, TX)

In this story, a from a woman in McAllen, TX is forced to relocate due to a series of unfortunate events believed to be caused by malevolent spirits.  Check it out!

“Our experience was in McAllen at the time a new subdivision off Benson Road on 44th Lane. We were in our first time home, wonderful and delighted to be in our first home, not only our first home, but the model home so it was gorgeous.

Shortly after we moved in, my daughter started having terrible nightmares and did not want to sleep in her room.  To make her more comfortable, we redid her room, paint and all.  Nevertheless, it didn’t work.

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The Legend of Shary Mansion (Sharyland, TX)

This old legend comes to us from Sharyland, TX, home of The Shary Mansion.  

Locals claim to have seen the spirit of John H. Shary, a farmer and entrepreneur who built a citrus empire in the Rio Grande Valley located in Deep South Texas.  He is also known as the “Father of the Texas Citrus Industry.”

In the middle of the night, people claim to have seen Mr. Shary walking across the road from the cemetery where he was buried back to his home, The Shary Mansion. Continue reading The Legend of Shary Mansion (Sharyland, TX)