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Haunting Reports About C.E. Vail Elementary and W.B. Green Junior High (La Feria, TX)

There have been reports about C.E. Vail Elementary and W.B. Green Junior High located in La Feria, TX being haunted by restless spirits.  According to an anonymous source from, the reports are real.

It is no secret that the c. E. Vail is haunted. I always had my doubts about it. When I was young and one day in the 3rd grade I forgot my jacket in the gym. I went back with a friend to get it. I remember hearing a girl’s voice laughing. We were both stunned and heard footsteps coming towards us, so we began to run, and the laughing got louder, and the footsteps got faster. We ran out and never spoke about it again.

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The Haunting of C. E. Vail

The Haunting of C. E. Vail

In La Feria, Texas the elementary school C. E. Vail’s gym is haunted by a little girl and boy of about the ages of 10. Vail is built over the first cemetery that was there. Very uneasy things happen in the gym like for one if you put your ear to the ground and knock once, you will hear someone or something knock back three times and hear a cry for help. Also with the story of bloody Mary is big at this school. The school wasn’t only a elementary school, it used to be the old middle school and once there was a girl named Mary who had twins, which we know as baby pink and baby blue. The twins were murder by their mother (they drowned). They haunted the first grade wing’s bathroom. If you go to the last stall in the either bathroom and knock on the wall three times, the light will flicker and they will show

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North Texas, Screaming Bridge

Here’s a true story from The Bone Yard about Death Screams heard from a bridge

Urban Myths in North Texas

Death Bridge Involved in Probe
by Reid Rogers:

A prominent urban myth in North Texas, screaming bridge has been visited by many locals over the decades. From teenagers out having fun to paranormal investigators, the story draws many in search of their own screaming bridge experience. Trying to hear the screams of the departed has been a ritual of passage for many Arlington

The legend is bound up in actual events of 1961 and possibly blended with another multi-vehicle wreck in the mid to late 1970’s that resulted in multiple casualties. As the scene of the original screaming bridge changed, then became inaccessible, the story attached itself to another nearby bridge.

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Haunted House In South Texas

Here’s a true story of a haunted house from our friends over at Your Ghost Stories 

Haunted House in South Texas

By Southernbelle4

In 1995 my dad and stepmom bought a house in a small town, Portland, TX. They took my older sister (15), brother (11) and I (7) over to look at it. The minute we set foot inside I noticed how dark it was. There were windows everywhere but it still seemed very dark.

My sister and I were to share a bedroom upstairs, while my brother took one downstairs along with my parents. I don’t know how long after we moved in that things started happening.

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The Creepy History of the Haunted ‘Midget Mansion’ in Texas (VIDEO)

Here it is, from, the story of Midget Mansion

The Creepy History of the Haunted ‘Midget Mansion’ in Texas 

August 26, 2015
By Afarin Majidi

The Gillespie Mansion in San Antonio, Texas is better known as the “Midget Mansion” for a reason. The legend is that in the 1920s a very wealthy family moved into town after the father of the two made a fortune appearing in Hollywood movies as a little person. His wife was also a little person but they had two regular sized daughters.

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