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Ouija Board Gone Wrong

This creepy Ouija Board story was sent in by a fan of THSOT. Check it out! – Odessa, Tx

“My uncle told this story when I was a kid.

When he was a kid in Mexico he had friends that liked playing with a ouija board. They always invited him, but he never took them up on their offer. They kept insisting that he play. One day he took them up on their offer.

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Ouija Board to Blame for Alleged Attempted Murder

This story comes to us from the Huffington Post Weird News 

Ouija Board to Blame for Murder

Lisa Baca Regular contributor, Strange Times U.S.A

A peculiar criminal defense is making its way around the internet, and while the insanity plea is nothing new, the specifics of this unique case are virtually unheard of.

Last month a Texas teen was allegedly stabbed in the abdomen by his long-time friend, a 15-year-old whom he attended high school with. The near fatal wound caused intestinal lacerations, leaving the victim to recover in the intensive care unit of his local hospital for three days.

Police were shocked to find out the details of the attack, one factor in particular that included a Ouija Board. The ever-so-popular board game has made its way into American pop-culture throughout the years, and is primarily used in the same manner as ghost stories around campfires; to create an atmosphere of fear.

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