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Haunted by Shadow People and Demons on Carson Street (Edinburg, TX)

This story comes to us from an anonymous source from Edinburg, TX.  A woman is plagued by Shadow People and possible demonic activity in her apt off of Sugar Road.  Have any of you ever experienced anything like this before?

“I lived on Carson Street in apartments that were fairly new in Edinburg.  Carson is off of Sugar Road.  My roommate had many girlfriends and some were a little odd, but decided to move out and live with one of them.  He moved out quickly and I was a little shocked by it.  I decided to move into his old room. The first night in my new room was scary.  I felt like something was in the room with me and saw shadows on wall.  I paid no mind to it, but I wanted to run out of there.  Continue reading Haunted by Shadow People and Demons on Carson Street (Edinburg, TX)

Dark Figure Spotted between Lyford and Raymondville, Texas

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Lyford, TX Halloween 2006. This is a true story, I swear it, on everything I love.

First a little background building up to the story. I was born and raised in Raymondville, Tx (Willacy County). Everyone from this area knows there is ZERO entertainment around here, so when I turned 21, my buddies and I started going clubbing to different cities around the Valley. As luck would have it, good ol Pharr PD pulled me over, charged me with DWI, and had my license suspended. I said goodbye to my car keys and hello to my old mountain bike.

On the day this “story” happened, I was going to visit my friend who lived in Lyford (4 miles from Raymondville). The most direct route to my friends house is US Business 77, but due to traffic and embarrassment I usually rode my bike on a dirt road that runs parallel.

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Shadow Person in the Alamo City

This was sent in by another fan of THSOT. A man is plagued by a Shadow Person near San Antonio, TX

“I had an uncle who had a drinking problem. He would come home almost every night from the bar extremely drunk, and argue with his wife. One night after leaving the bar he got into his vehicle, and as he looked into his rear-view mirror he noticed a black figure (wearing a hat) already sitting in the back seat. Because he already wasn’t in his right mind he didn’t pay much attention to it.

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