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Premonitions of Death in West Texas (Midland, TX)

Insectoids Spotted in West Texas

Here’s another strange humanoid sighting from Phantoms and Monsters. This time it was in West Texas.

The following report came from west Texas…describing an encounter

We were having a family/friends get together to celebrate a birthday. During the celebration two of my nephews and a niece came tearing into the house, screaming at the top of their lungs, saying that a plane crashed in one of the adjacent pastures. My brother, myself and about 3 others walked outside to see what was causing all the ruckus.

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Ouija Board Gone Wrong

This creepy Ouija Board story was sent in by a fan of THSOT. Check it out! – Odessa, Tx

“My uncle told this story when I was a kid.

When he was a kid in Mexico he had friends that liked playing with a ouija board. They always invited him, but he never took them up on their offer. They kept insisting that he play. One day he took them up on their offer.

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