South Texas Flying Humanoid Encounter (McAllen,TX)

Texas is home to several eyewitness accounts when it comes to different types of flying humanoids.  From the Houston Batman to the Galveston Mothman, Texas has it’s fair share of terrifying and unusual cryptids.  Check out this story below from a McAllen, Texas native.

“The day I left the valley I was in the backyard of my childhood home in McAllen, Texas taking one last look at my garden when I noticed all the neighborhood dogs started barking at once.  I happened to look up and see a humanoid creature that had wings like a bat, but the body and head of a human.

This creature had legs I could see hanging down and what looked like hairless grey skin.  It was just hovering over my house flapping it’s wings once every few seconds.  I was petrified to the point where I could do nothing but stand and stare till it flew off going south.”


This is not the only instance of people witnessing flying humanoids in Deep South Texas.  Have any of you ever seen anything similar in this region of Texas or anywhere else?  Leave us a comment below.

4 thoughts on “South Texas Flying Humanoid Encounter (McAllen,TX)”

  1. Hello my name is Cris n I also witnessed​ a flying humunoid I clearly saw it could have been a Witch it was early around 9pm me n my children were driving to my Brother’s house on North Valverde n Minnesota in North Donna Tx when I turned East on Minnesota Rd about half a mile into, here comes a figure in ragges flying next to my window on drivers side she flew for a few seconds it was a woman with long hair n raggedy long clothes I couldn’t see her face cas of her hair I did notice that she glanced into my window I figured she was looking for someone glad it wasn’t me cas she flew off n disappeared.

  2. I saw this humanoid a couple weeks back, me my brother and his fiance were headed to Denny’s to go eat, I sat in the back of the truck mind you this was round 3am, I look in the sky and what do I see a massive man flying in the sky with huge wings, so i yell out to my brother’s fiance I tell her “I just saw a winged man flying in the sky” after that I never saw it again, till this day I look up at the sky.

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