Phantom Bike Rider of La Homa Road (Mission, TX)

La Homa Road in Mission, TX seems to be a hot spot for paranormal and unexplained activity as we have received a few different stories from  people who live in the area.   Check it out.

“This story was told to me by one of my best friends, the same friend that had this horrifying experience. This dates back to 1995, when my friend was night cruising with a group of friends after work.  Back then, La Homa Road was just a citrus grove plantation full of orange trees, not many houses, just this lonely two lane road with no street lights.

Well, my friend was night cruising, having fun and drinking when they happened to pass by this road during the wee hours of the morning.  Suddenly, the driver of the car spotted a biker through the rear view mirror pedaling fast, coming from behind the car, causing the driver to swerve to the side to allow the biker to pass by, but that never happened.  The biker simply vanished before everyone’s wide open eyes.

The driver of the car and all the passengers started to shake uncontrollable with a chill running down their spines.  Even the ones that were drunk got sober ASAP.  The driver sped up and drove 100 miles per hour till they got to a safe place.

Many days later, my friend started to look up the legend of this biker and came up with a story about a biker that got killed by a drunk driver many years back.  I believe this happened in the 1960’s when La Homa Road was nothing.

Now, the phantom biker appears to those who are drinking and driving to warn them.  Nowadays, La Homa Road is a busy road full of houses, businesses, partially lit with street lights and heavily trafficked compared to 20 years ago.

By the way, my friend remembers this so vividly like it happened yesterday and coincidentally travels on La Homa Road about once every other night, but when I ask him if he has seen anything, he changes the subject because he doesn’t like to talk about that experience.”-Laura

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