The Crying Little Girl of Matz Street (Harlingen, TX)

Natives of Harlingen, Texas can tell you all about the little apparition who haunts Matz Street.  Locals claim that the girl wanders up and down the street, sobbing into her hands.  When approached, she is unresponsive, but will sometimes peer up at her would-be good Samaritans, before mysteriously vanishing before their eyes!

Read what these people had to say about it.

“I heard this little girl in 2008 when my friend came over one night.  We had my window open and heard a little girl screaming.  I didn’t see her, but it freaked me and my friend out terribly. I have lived on Matz for 18 years.” –anonymous


“My niece lived in an apartment right on the curve on Matz Street  and had to move out after only month.  It was only one month because one day her husband saw a little girl standing behind him while changing the TV channels.  When he jumped up to look behind him, there was no one there.  My niece, a few days later saw her little shape behind a floor length curtain after hearing her laugh as she washed dishes, my niece ran out of the apartment and ran to my house for help.” –anonymous

How many of you have ever heard of this legend?

7 thoughts on “The Crying Little Girl of Matz Street (Harlingen, TX)”

  1. True I heard her when I picked up my brother in law on Blake I turn on matz and heard her even lowered down the radio

    1. I lived on Blake I was walking down the canal and when I hit matz street I saw a white shadow looking thing then I heard her sound, then I smoked my blunt I had with me. True story

  2. My huband and i live on matz ave. One morning around 5am we went out back to smoke a cigarette and heatd a child crying. We automatically thought one of the kids woke up but when my hb checked the kids wrte all sound asleep….keep in mind i staued outside while he ckecked and the crying never stopped. Soon after he came back out and told me kids were asleep but the crying continued….sounded as if it was comming from the alley to tell u the truth. He heard it as well so i convinced myself it wad a cat and rushed inside. It was no cat though….cats dont cry like that j/s

  3. Local history doesn t back up the story, though, and the camp in the legend probably refers to the nearby defunct girl scout camp, Camp Lula Sams, which is currently the focus of a conservation effort.

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