A Lucas, TX man shares his horrifying experience.

The early July sun beat on 19-year-old Dallas Adams as he pumped gas into his car at a convenience store in Lucas, Texas.

A man and his son stood at the pump opposite Adams, a woman at her car was behind him. When the gas nozzle clicked Adams placed it back onto the pump and went inside the store. Things were different when he came out.

Gas Station in Lucas, Texas
Gas Station in Lucas, Texas

“There was no line in the gas station,” Adams said. “I bought cigarettes and walked out but when I came out my car was the only one there. I had only been in the gas station for maybe two and a half minutes. As soon as I noticed everyone was gone I felt scared but couldn’t figure out why.”

Then he saw the man standing by his car. As Adams walked by him, he noticed a smell, like the man hadn’t showered in weeks.

“He looked like an average guy but when I looked at him I felt scared like my life was about to end,” Adams said. “I went to my car and looked at him – he was staring at me.”

The man came closer to Adams as he stood at the driver’s side door, walking in long steps.

“I need a ride,” the man said, the force in his voice striking Adams like something physical.

“It scared me to death,” Adams said. “I said, ‘what?’ And he said, ‘give me a ride.”

Then Adams saw what frightened him.

“His eyes were completely black. No whites, no nothing, just black,” Adams said. “When I was talking to this thing I could smell its breath, which was horrible.”

Adams worked up the courage to ask where the Black-Eyed Man wanted to go. The man simply replied, “just give me a ride.”

“I said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t,’ then he took a few steps toward me,” Adams said. “His walk was kinda odd, but stopped as this conversation was happening.”

But what terrified Adams was the man’s eyes.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off of his,” Adams said. “It was like they were sucking me in.”

As Adams stood, watching the strange man with the black eyes approach him, something broke whatever held Adams’ gaze. Adams hopped into his car and sped away.

What did Adams’ see?

“This is really troubling me cause I’ve had dreams about this man every night since the day it happened,” Adams said

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2 Comments on “Black Eyed Person in Lucas, Texas”

  1. My own knowledge in research and my own experience if you wish to call it that can tell you this:
    Black Eyed people are very dangerous and over all bad news these poor individuals are inhabited as a certain researcher correctly deduced are unfortunately possessed by a Djinn (“Demon”) though to be fair Demons/Djinns or if you wish Deamons from Ancient Greece and more so Ancient Latin and Persian for Teacher or Guide are not by nature Evil or Good but can choose to be either or even both just like every one else ; But these entities are possessing quite actively I might add these individuals. Yes they are Demon possessed I use to be just like them they smell bad all around as they have been pushed so far down in their bodies (their souls) that they are no longer recognizable as human and as such acts like it as well more of a predatory creature than a human and of course why would they bother with bathing or brushing their teeth? they crave violence and blood to a almost uncontrollable level harming and even killing their closest family members and friends (if they are too weak to conquer and control the spirit/spirits with in them) they can also become invisible (cloaked in shadows) at night and can even doge bullets or keep up with a speeding car at least those where the abilities I can remember my body had thankfully I managed to conquer and either pushed out tor absorbed my “Demons” thus I control them now and not the other way around. You see there is two ways for a human to go suicide or Predator (killer or if you push further past THAT darkness becoming infected with what I call the “Black Void” which is where possession takes place most like my self have been sexually ; verbally and psychologically abused by their peers through out there young lives and beyond be it the parents or friends point is THAT is what truly turns some one suicidal or predatory in nature. Thus in contrast one could say these poor individuals have lost all hope and gave in to their own darkness only to be lost. “Be careful when looking into the abyss as you may find the abyss looking back at you” as the saying goes which is indeed true in this case.

    Also yes do be careful and mindful of “the quite ones” most likely either the person/individual is shy or a predator like I said we do not like human company often if ever.

  2. The picture of the gas station is not in Lucas it is in Plano, Texas on K Avenue. You can see the PLS check in the background and Jefferson Dental Clinic lol.

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