Here’s a really creepy story sent in from Donna, TX

“First of all, the region where I live consists of predominately Hispanic and Mexican culture and with it comes a vast, embedded root of paranormal and unexplained phenomena. For decades people around here have reported all kinds of abnormal and supernatural occurrences ranging from UFO’s to ghost to cryptids. Today, I am going to tell you about a story my uncle told me that still creeps the hell out of me every time I think about it.

I was at my grandmother’s funeral when I finally got a detailed explanation of the horror my uncle witnessed that hot afternoon in Donna, Texas. This happened around 2005.

My Uncle came home from work for lunch. He and my cousin sat outside of his house eating their food and talking, when suddenly my uncle saw something that he cannot account for to this day, and still haunts him every time he recalls what he swears is true.

Floating above their heads about five feet on top of the picnic table where they ate was what he can only describe as a decrepit man with dark blistered skin wearing dark dusty pants, a dark trench coat, a dark sombrero, black gloves, and beat up black boots. He had long black hair and had a long slithering tongue with sharp teeth. This man, creature, demon, or whatever you want to call it was just casually floating above their heads.

Trying to keep his cool, my uncle did his best to ignore it. He asked my cousin if he saw it too, since the creature was still hovering above them. My cousin calmly confirmed, yet did not want to draw more attention or alarm this creature as well.

My uncle then decided that he wanted to surprise “it” by jumping up and grabbing its leg and dragging it down, but he noticed that slithering tongue and wisely declined for fear that the creature would take him. He said the thing was gazing down on him with a set of black eyes. Again, although he was terrified, he did not want to run or make any sudden moves.

My uncle said that the best way to describe this being was by comparing it to the creature from the movie, Jeepers Creepers. Soon after, the creature simply began to float higher and higher until it eventually disappeared into the clouds and was never seen again.

My uncle said that the best way to describe this being was by comparing it to the creature from the movie, Jeepers Creepers.
My uncle said that the best way to describe this being was by comparing it to the creature from the movie, Jeepers Creepers.

Coincidentally, I later learned that the lady across the street from where he lived practiced witch craft. Has anyone out there ever seen or heard of any flying humanoids such as what my uncle saw?”

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60 Comments on “Flying Humanoid – Donna, Texas”

  1. Where In donna? I live south of lot road and really what we see often is “ufos” and I mean close. In my own land. We’ve seen helicopters fly over our house chasing it, real movie type shit. – Jesse

    1. what??
      So why dont u approach the media.
      Why would anyone who is witness to something abnormal keep it to themselves

      1. Several sightings (and even attacks happened in 1976).our company is currently filming a documentary AND A film about this in the Rio Grande Valley.

        1. Me an 2 others use to go fishing in El Gato lake when we saw a very large shadow flying over us ,it landed in front of us ,about 60 ft in a cactus bed as we got closer it let out a horrifying noise ,we ran but we heard it take off flying .I was raised by that lake an have seen many large birds but none of the make a load flapping noise limke the one we heard that day never went fishing g there again

        2. Around that time in the 1976 my family experience something like that it was at a park it went flying around us , it look like a big bird . I’m from Brownsville Texas that where the event happened.

        3. I saw something in colonia seca in Donna. A white orb floating about 4 ft high moving from one lot to another crossing the street. It went through trees, fences, bushes and finally into house. Nothing it went through was damaged.

      2. honestly no one will beleive them or the ones that do will be flooding the town looking and searching church going ppl will say it’s the devils work and force their beliefs on everyone causing a state of panic lol besides that news is to busy covering which Kardashian is the most over rated and how our government is trying to kill our country and trying to leave us defenceless against other countries no to mention which bathroom we all should be using cuz obviously the younger generation is to stupid to figure out what’s right and wrong

      3. I would think because you don’t want people to think your crazy or on drugs. lol but I have heard this story from a friend who was raised in mcallen her and her cousin both saw what this man kinda explained when they were around 10 by a canal. When she talks about it I can’t imagine her making it up she is such and honest cool crazy carefree but responsible girl not the type to lie.

    2. I can confirm that. One night me and my father-in-law were hunting by Donna lake and all of a sudden we some bright light flash outta no where I got creep out, But we decided no to make big deal outta of it since my brother-in-law is 8 years old. We didn’t want to freak him more out.

      1. Dude , back in the early 90s a friend and I were outside at nigh in south Donna when we saw a round object with a bright light that looked like a UFO. It made no noise . Stood there for like 5 seconds then just flew to the west . Believe me , I know what saw. Creepy

  2. Ive heard a story similar to that one but it happen in Encino,Tx. And yeah the person that saw that creature says that he could only described him as jeepers creepers!!

    1. We would love to hear more about this from your friend. Please submit your story via the “submit your story” link

  3. We thought we were alone from this.We saw the same thing or whatever it is as we were teens back in the 90’s.All four brothers and a neighbor were playing basketball when it flew across us.We all saw each other and ran under the porch.We mostly dont talk about it cause we know they would of not believe us.

  4. I witnessed something like this back in 2006. Was coming home from a friend’s house in elsa TX saw a man that reminded me of the same thing. He stood there on the side of the road when I turned back to check it out it was gone. I freaked out then when I turned back around same thing was there on the street just laughing. I took off and I saw the thing shoot right up in the air. Scary never again did I come through that road again alone in the middle of the night.

  5. Oh my gosh…I’m freaking out. My boyfriend told me about an experience he had and it sounds very similar to this story. Back in the 90’s when he was a kid, he talks about how him and a friend saw a black figure that was sitting at the very top of a tall palm tree. Suddenly spread its wings completely out and just pushed of the palm tree a shot straight up into the air and flew away….I’m definitely going to have him read this story.

  6. Ive witnessed this with my dad it had no clothes n was a good distance away I heard flapping from wings n was real loud not like any other bird these wing s were loud n wen I looked up I saw it spinning crazy then continued to fly I pulled my gun in shock but then went straight into the sky shot up so fast I lost it that’s my real story if y’all don’t wanna believe me I honestly don’t care I know what I saw n yes I would compare it to jeepers creepers but my dad said that things been spotted before its a moth man

  7. I had a similar encounter, with a small group of friends it was getting late so we were walking home, and when we came to the corner of the fence we normally would cross some dark figure was getting down from the tree, i remember one of my friends just standing there in shock, and unable to move until we pulled him and ran. This happend around that same year, in peñitas, Tx which so happeneds to be about 45 minutes away from donna

  8. Yes, My aunt and Uncle were coming home from a dance in the mid 80’s, they lived in the colonia seca south of Donna. As they were turning at the white church, they noticed dogs barking up and around the cement pipe. They saw a man holding on to the pipe, but when they looked twice, they noticed he had wings.

  9. i saw it to!!! well so did my family while driving trough i road in las milpas. It was flying next to us about 30 ft away when my mom screamed and we all looked and it let itself fall to the crops. The only way we can describe it is jeepers creepers. It had the hat as well

  10. I recall back in 2002 my younger brother and his friend saw something similar, he described it as a” Gargoyle” looking creature. All this happen in donna on south 5th street.

  11. My experience was here in Dallas, TX me and a few cousins of mines had a night out of drinking and where on our way to my cousins house late at night around 3-4 am. As we were driving on the side road of and old St. Cecilia Catholic Church we saw this big a** black thing that looked like a bird flew close to our car. Until it got close we all knew it wasn’t a bird it looked more like a gargoyle it’s black wings covered it’s it’s whole body like it was hiding his face while our lights beamed on his whole body. We (all macho dudes ) including myself were all frighten and only thing was said was “you saw that right” it took off up in the dark sky and we never told no one about it til now.

  12. Arnold a friend of mine witnessed that being on top of a butcher shop in Brownsville tx. Sun was going down n he described it black, muscular n wings too. He ran to his house a few blocks away n never looked back

  13. I live in Monterrey, México and my ex boss saw it in 2006. He was driving home with 3 friends and all of them saw a man flying across the street at top of the trees. The man has wearing the same oufit , even the black boots. Casually the date was November 2, the “Dia de los Muertos'” at 2:00am

  14. I have an aunt that told me that when she was young she had gotten in an argument with my grandma because she hadn’t let her go out to a friends house and well she left anyway without permission and as she left thru the alley she saw what she described to me a human like bird black with huge wings standing on a tree staring straight at her so she just stood their in shock till that thing flew up into the sky!!! She said after that day she never disobeyed my grandma!

  15. Heard tell of something similar in Pharr the Creature also described to be like the one in Jeepers Creepers was trying to take the family pet dog fortunately the dog was chained up The dad trying to beat it off with a broom till finally it let go.

  16. I experienced seeing that creature about 2 years ago. It was the Saturday before fathers days 2014. I was driving back home to Brownsville from having spent the day with my cousins. I always exit Eddie Lucio highway but on this night for some reason I exited by the flea market and turned into Old port isabel rd. I was driving home with my 4 young daughters and as I almost reached the end of the road I noticed what I thought was a man standing by the side of the road. I naturally slowed down to let him cross the narrow road. I clearly remember his pants (jeans) but for some reason I don’t recall seeing his face. It’s as if he had hipnotized me. Anyway, as he crosses the road the next thing we saw was him kinda hurrying up to cross and then halfway he swung really big wings out and I can still remember they were huge, large, black and he grabbed onto a tree and climbed on it and flew away. One of my daughter’s who was in the back seat yelled out “mom did you see that huge bat!!!” and I said to her “THAT WAS NOT A BAT!!” I don’t remember how the heck I got home (I live about 6 min from that area) because I was so scared for my girls and I and like I said earlier, I felt like it hipnotized me. As soon as I got home I called my mom and told her and my fear was that it had followed us home so she began to say a prayer with me. I had never been so afraid, scared in my life. Till this day every time I drive at night I look to see if I see that creature. I have had the urge to go and check out the tree he climbed just to see if there’s any scratch marks but I am scared to find out. I know he’s real. I’ll take a lie detector test anytime!!

    1. Me and my wife saw the same thing.
      I have never been the same.
      I am a 52 year old hunter.Who thought that I had seen it all. I was wrong.

  17. My mom stepdad and ex husband also saw something similar in MISSION TEXAS at my moms house wich is behind Nandos wild Park.. Even the man who was in charge of guarding the park saw ot and gave the same description.. All of them say it looked like JC

  18. If you ever heard about the mothman there was sightings in weslaco in the late 70s and to me it also relates to me of the Houston batman and in Mexico with the flying witch with black eyes that a police man saw

  19. Yo this is tripping me out, I know quite a few people here in the surrounding areas of Corpus Christi, TX that have seen this. Including myself and a group of friends. We used to party down the river and one night we saw what literally could be described as the jeepers creepers creature. It was flying above us and all we could make out it’s silhouette in the moon light. It was the size of a man and had huge wings. After it flew to the distance we all just stared at each other to make sure we weren’t going insane. One of my friends was do disturbed he actually threw up. Come to find out over the years this story has been talked about and I know at least 4 people that have seen similar things on different occasions in areas like robstown, George west, and Mathis. Obviously there is something we don’t know about flying around at night.

  20. Also back in 2008-2009 my dad worked at an oil rigs in Alice tx. And my dads work truck stopped working so he left it on the side of the road so 3days later my dad ,mom and , brother went back to get it my dad was driving another truck while my mom and brother were in a car with the windows down because it was fresh out and when they looked up to my dads truck they saw something huge black human ontop of the truck flying/floating and they quickly pulled the windows up. It was past midnight! Moms words( Una cosa grandota fea y negra. Ay no pensavamos que ya nos iva a perseguir)!

  21. About 20 years ago… man that’s a long time ago… I was in high school and I was driving from Elsa to Monte Alto and I swear I saw what looked like a huge gargoyle or mothman looking thing. It was a man type of creature with wings that spanned from the top of his shoulders to the bottom of his feet and it was crouching. It was raining out that day and it was nublado and it was on a large piece of dirt in the fields. I never saw anything like that again but I will never forget it.

  22. My friend and I were coming back from a night fishing trip in Arroyo city we quickly got to the ranch in La Tina right outside of Rio Hondo as we reached the front gate with a hay pasture to the right and a grapefruit groave to the left I noticed something flying over the hayfield towards the grapefruit trees I played attention to the object flying that was only about 30 yards in front of us flying about 12 ft off the ground I quickly realized it wasn’t an owl or anything I had seen before which made me pay even more attention to it as I looked closer it looked exactly like the jeepers kreepers guy flying as it flew at an angle with what looked like legs hanging down I sat in the passenger seat in shock as I looked at my friend in the driver seat he had a blank face as I asked if he had seen that he quickly replied with “yes let’s get the hell out of here” never again have we gone out to that ranch at night

  23. my name is jonathan…i also when i was 13 i seen it two nights in a row it was back on 2005…its a cool story i tell evrybody about but u know when your young people say u imagen stuff…but i seen it clearly not in drugs yet.thats why i start doing marijuana hahaa…but this flying thing was also starring down at me it was dark at night around 9-10pm…i was in the back yard fooking around in my top roof when i took a quick look to the sky and at first i notice like 7 red dots following each other zig zaging…then i seen this thing with big long wings it look like the “JEEPERS CREEPERS” stood flying around for a cool moment then it flew a away…but i had it feeling that it knew i was staring at it

    1. I saw the same thing in Donna in the 90’s and UFOS and even a lady standing on a Nopal and my grandma said it was a witch. The entire time we lived in Donna strange things would happen it was also around Lot Rd before what use to be Funny Farm.

  24. I live in Donna and my mother-in-law that recently past away told me that in her home town El Control, Tamaulipas she also saw a man in black that would fly over her home. I believed her story because when she was telling me her experience I could see her fear in her eyes. My brother-in law practice witch craft and she believed it had to do with his doing.

  25. Google Earth them near Rio. There are huge cliffs, with pink/ lilac vertical bold walls, covered with black moth-like “angels of death” from Hollywood movies. Cliff formations arestanding in the middle of the green forest and easy to find if you zoom closer. I first saw something like that in the ocean, where dead see animals were covering beaches of remote island in CA. And i thought it could be the reason why dolfins and seals would commit suiside. Fear is a powerful weapon. It drives everyone and everything crazy. Nasty monsters.

  26. I am 16 and when I was 5 I saw this bird it was huge but it’s face was a man and it was really dark out my mom boyfriend at the time pulled over into a parking lot cause of drama going on but anyways it was sitting on the building watching us i was just staring at it trying to figure it out but it looked so creepy I started crying and my mom saw it and she said that on the way home it was falling us. I was wondering if anyone else seen what I saw. I swear to God this is a true story

  27. On two occasions in Austin TX within a span of 4 years about 8 to 12 years ago I witnessed two sightings of what appeared to be gigantic birds. Both sightings were late night and while driving. The first bird looked much larger than the 2nd bird. They were both spotted not flapping but gliding not that high from above my car and quickly fading into the distance. Just enough time to catch a glimpse. That’s how big they were. Both times too dark to get a detailed visual but clear enough to know it was definitely not the norm. The sightings were off hwy 183 and w parmer. Don’t share my experience with anyone because it sounds unreal although with the 2nd sighting I was fortunate enough to have my mother witness it as well. When she saw it I wished I had told her about my prior experience but I didn’t have to convince her after seeing it for herself, she believed me. I think about these birds from time to time like now and did a bit of digging to see if there were others. I’m not sure if any of you are serious about the jeepers creeper thing but if so, I wonder if that’s what I was seeing. Just thought I’d share my experience with a group that can relate.

  28. Mary. I recall my mom telling my brothers and sisters about something really scary that happened years ago in Donna …..and that lady was a friend to her….Her son was very mean and disrespectful with his mother she was always crying and didn’t know what to do with him one day he did the same thing with his mom…he stormed out off the house running …there were a lot of woods and trees along the road ….that night he came home running and crying his mother asked him what ad happened to him because he was scratched all over face and body bloody and he couldn’t even talk he told her that a man with a black suit and hat with red eyes had done it ….and that if he would do that again he was going to do it worst ….that he had long long nails…..creepy

  29. I live down Champion rd and one night October 2017 my GF and I were sitting back on a hammock listening to music, when we noticed there was no more noise outside. No dogs barking, no birds or even the wind in the trees. We got up to go inside the house when we felt like we were being watched, that’s when we spotted it. I thought it looked like a giant man bat tall skinny with huge wings, My gf just saw it’s shadow as it took off just like that flying south toward Lott rd it didn’t make any noise when it flew it was just pretty big and creepy.

  30. I remember heard the similar story as a kid, back in spring 2006 in Alamo Tx, from the immature grown up who I can’t stand telling me “flying monster” appeared above the corner house between business 83 and south side Caster Chavez RD. few blocks from Walmart and ‘snatch children’ I didn’t believe him, because that big adult bully trying to scare me. then 14 years later I read many articles flying humanoid in Texas menus the ‘snatching children’.

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