A man in Weslaco, TX talks about his experience involving a Peter Piper Pizza location and ghost of a young girl.

“I work at the peter piper in Weslaco it’s been rumored that the ghost of a little girl resides in the girls bathroom.

One night when I’m tasked to clean it up after hours I leave the door open with a doorknob to clean the floor.

All the doors to the stalls are closed, so I start opening them one by one to clean. The handicap door, without a sound, is wide open and after I clean I see a little quick shadow run past me to the door. Well, I finished up cleaning quickly and left it.

little girl ghost pictureShe’s not dangerous or doesn’t seem to be.”

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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3 Comments on “Peter Piper Pizza location and ghost of a young girl”

  1. For my midnight magick under a Hoodoo moon act please send me a photo print of that ghostly little girl image..I will feature her in my magic act…..I will wait for info exchange such as my address to mail photo..due to covid I do not go to library for copy machine use..

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