The Lady in Red of Wilson County, TX

“Wilson County, Texas has been around for around 150 years. Like many other old towns, there are of course legends of ghosts that roam through, creeping out it’s current residents. In this county, the Court House is where one is commonly seen almost on a daily basis.

Many who have been to this court house have seen a very beautiful young woman in a red dress.

They call her “lady-in-red” She has been seen many times in the middle of the day or in the dead of night by janitors who were cleaning up the courtrooms.

One of the most well known stories of the lady-in-red is from a janitor who was just simply doing his job by cleaning up a court room after the court had let out. Nobody was allowed in there once all was said and done.

The janitor saw her walking around the judge’s desk. Since nobody was allowed in there but him, he tried to tell the women to leave the courtroom and she only kept walking around the desk.

He turned his back only for a second to place down his mop to find that she had disappeared. He looked around for her but couldn’t find her. She was just gone.

He couldn’t really believe what he had just seen and then he found out that many other people had seen her around the court house just as well.

She only comes out on certain occasions, so if you go to the court house, there is no guarantee that you will actually see her. She comes out when she is ready and wants to show herself.”

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