“My younger brother is 7 years younger than I.  We shared a bedroom but slept in separate beds when I was 13. In the middle of the night, I felt something walking over my body, I felt each step on each side of my body.  At first, I thought my younger brother was either cold or scared and was getting in my bed for comfort… until I felt “it” sit down across my stomach, its hands on either side of my neck… I felt its weight push the mattress down further, on both sides of my head.

I’ll NEVER forget what happened next.  Next, I felt sucking on my neck. Startled, I tried to scream out, but couldn’t.  I tried to get up and run away, I couldn’t.  I could see across the room, and literally “through” whatever was sitting on me and doing these things.  Frightened, I began to cry and PRAY!  After a few more minutes of suffering and fervent PRAYER, it left.  I booked to my parent’s room to tell them what had happened.  Through the unforgotten years that have passed, 36 to be exact, I get occasional reminders that I am being watched.  But I remind these “Reminders” that I KNOW how to PRAY.” -Wayne P

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