“My mother was living in Raymondville, TX and one day she was in the yard, glanced up and thought there was a small airplane coming from the east.  She thought it was odd, there was no sound. but then suddenly it flapped its wings.   She was reluctant to say anything, but that evening she met the wife of the chief of police at the VFW hall for Friday bingo.

Before long her husband the chief, Sabas, came in all flustered.  He said he had seen something weird but was afraid to say anything.  He finally admitted what he saw.  A huge bird!  My mother spoke up and informed him he wasn’t the only one who saw it. Wow, was he relieved he wasn’t just seeing things.” -Damond

2 Comments on “Texas Big Bird Sighting (Raymondville, TX)”

  1. Was this in the 70s/80s? Lots of “Giant Bird” sightings across the valley…perhaps too many to discount. Some say it was a bird like a Phoenix, others say it was similar to a Pteranadon or Pterodactyl.

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