After reading a similar story, Judy recalls her own experience with the Anson Ghost Lights located in Anson, Texas.  Check it out.

“Was out here with a friend on the night of September 20th, 2018, and did this. After flashing my lights 3 times, in about 15 seconds a light appeared to the right of the stop sign leading onto the highway. The light got brighter and brighter similar to what this story states. The light disappeared without a dimming, and my friend saw a shadowy woman figure wearing a dress to the right of a light shining on the ground from the nearest lamppost (about a quarter mile). Shortly after she disappeared, then the light appeared again. It changed brightness as usual, then disappeared again. My friend saw the woman again but in a skirt this time as well as one arm up as if holding a lantern (explains why there was no light), as well as her hair up in a bun, and was walking toward us in the car. She had disappeared shortly again.

The light didn’t come back for about a minute so we decided to drive closer to the lamppost where we saw the figure and made it halfway between the crossroad and lamp and decided to try parking there. We did the flash to “summon” her again and found the light as usual. We couldn’t see any figure of it as we were closer, but the light faded again. I stared out to see if my eyes could “play tricks” on me and maybe I could see something, and I did see the figure she spoke about, wearing a skirt and all. Only she had seen her as running toward us and I did not. Her figure had disappeared we don’t know where, but then this next part put me in a state of shock.

As I looked out to try and see her again, I saw a fingerprint on my windshield appear on the inside of my car. My windshield was clean of anything on the inside so I know it was neither of us, but I did see it appear as if someone was doing a fingerprint on paper from bottom up. From my point of view where I was, I saw the fingerprint just about exactly where the figure was standing, to the right of the light on the ground from the lamppost. Keep in mind we didn’t see a light or figure when this fingerprint occurred, so she was in the car with us is what we concluded.

After that, we (I) decided to leave due to the shock of seeing something appear before my own eyes from what would be nothing.” -Judy W.

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