We don’t know where this story takes place, but it sounds like it could be either from Mexico or perhaps a Texas Border Town.  It involves a flying cryptid known as a “lechusa.” Check it out!

“My grandmother told me that her own grandmother was killed by a lechusa. Her mother told her the story that her grandmother and another lady had gone to the river to wash clothes and it was a daily occurrence that the lechusa would fly over them, but this day her mother was in a bad mood and saw the lechusa pass and started to cuss at her.

The lechusa then turned back and flew straight at her and pushed her down and she hit her head on a rock and instantly killed her. My great-grandmother was left as an orphan and had to be raised by her own grandmother. So now whenever my grandmother sees or hears a lechusa instead of cussing at it she just says, “Que te vaya bien en tu viaje. (Good luck on your journey.)” – B.Solis

Have any of you ever had an experience involving a lechusa?  Leave us a comment below.

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