This story takes place near the infamous La Homa Road in Mission, Texas.  Check it out!

“This happened to my friend and me on separate occasions, on the road East of La Homa Rd, North Shuerbach, in Mission, TX.

I was making my way home from a friends house, it was about 1:30 AM, and I only had the headlight of my car to illuminate the road. There is an area where there are no street lamps so it is very dark. On one side there are Mesquite trees, and from there I saw this dark figure cross the road, very close to my headlights, and very fast. It was this black mass that didn’t look like a dog or anything I’ve seen. It was like a human on all fours jumping from one side of the road to the other. I was barely able to follow it with my eyes as it crossed, and I did not see anything on the other side. It was much too dark to make out anything that wasn’t in front of the headlights. Point is, it was big. This was about a year and a half ago.

Yesterday (Oct. 13, 2018), a friend and I got together at a friends house to chill, we started talking about ghosts, La Llorona, and things like that until we start talking about things that have happened to us.

My friend, who lives through La Homa, said he was on his way home from work, and it was already about 2 AM. He gets off the highway and decided to take Shuerbach first, and then make a left to get to La Homa. He said he stopped at a stop sign, and when he lets go of the brake, this dark mass crosses the road very fast and also very close to his headlights. He quickly pressed the brake again to not hit it, he looked around and through his mirrors, and said he didn’t see anything. This happened to him some time ago.

I told him that I had seen it too. We each gave some rough descriptions about it like the size and shape, and we believe we saw the same thing.

We don’t know what it is, but its big like a man on all fours, very fast, and it just vanishes as soon as it makes it to the other side. He and I have taken that same road again at night, but we haven’t seen this thing again.” -Alexis P.

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7 Comments on “Dark Figure Crawling On All Fours”

      1. Seen it. Tracked it. Saw its man like face. It stood about 5ft, had a dark hairy body, long tail. It took to the trees like a monkey, but ran very fast like a ferret. Its not human. But it resembles a jagaurandi. It aint a ghost or maybe its a demon. I saw two others in my 30 yr timespan as a cop. Fellow cops old timers seen it too. Madero, Los Ebanos, Roma, Rio Grande City…day and night time near brushy areas. More likely an offspring of a wild cat. Scary as hell though.

      2. First time was schuerbach north of esperanza, near perez store, from west to east about 10 years back. I tracked it into the brush, found its foot sign then saw it in the trees. It leaped 30ft, had a little man face, slanky dark body, long tail.

      3. I saw a dark colored man face dog long body short legs dart across the road there just north of perez store. It ran ir should i say leaped about 20ft across schuerbach rd south of 2 mile,,,from west to east. I got of my patrol car and tracked. I found its foot sign. It gad elongated paws. I saw it standing about 5ft tall holding a tree branch nobbling something. It saw me them leaped into the trees. I heard brush breaking qent into brush couldnt find or hear it. I checked weeks abd months later, never saw it there again. My guess was it was a weird wild cat or different species of a cat. But it leaped far and fast. Dont know what it was, but it wasnt human. That face i will never forget. It looked like a little man fa w, maybe a spider monkey.

  1. If its south of 2 mile, i seen the creepy crawler but in the evening on patrol. I got off my patrol unit and yelled out to him or it cause im skeptical of ghosts, it leaped into the brush. I went after it. It couldnt have gone far, but a horse man told me it was an evil spirit thst haunts the area and hides in the mesquite trees. Its gotta be north of ricardo east of schuerbach south of 2 mile.

  2. Seen it while on patrol. I tracked it from west to east, just north of perez drive thru. It left an elingated cat like human size paw print. Lost sight of foot sign. Then saw it in the trees. Its got a man face. Kinda like a monkey. But its about 5ft high, long body, long ass tail, cries lke a child screaming but also like a cat. I suspect its an off breed of a jaguarandi. Definitely not himan, but real as it gets. Not a ghost. Maybe a demon. Heck i couldnt figure it out, but i saw it leap about 30ft and i couldnt find it. Its not the only one. Ive seen two more.

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