Considering the vast history surrounding Edinburg, we’re not surprised to hear about alleged shadow man sightings at the Museum located at 200 N Closner Blvd, Edinburg, TX 78541.  Have any of you from South Texas ever heard about this?  Leave us a comment.


“The Museum of South Texas History was formally the old Edinburg courthouse and jail. In the original part of the building you get an eerie feeling as you walk up the stairs to the tower. The tower was the hanging room, were they would hang the convicted prisoners that were sentenced to death. It is recorded that only one man was executed in the tower, however, some people claim that more than one was executed.

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You can feel a cold spot in the tower. Some claim that the rope that is still hanging there swings back and forth. Shadows of a man hanging have been seen by some and many people who have passed by the building at night claim to hear voices, sounds, and wails coming from the original part of the building where the tower stands.”

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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4 Comments on “Hanging Shadow Man – Museum of South Texas History (Edinburg, TX)”

  1. So glad to see this!! I am an actual former employee of MOSTH in Edinburg. I was giving a tour in the old jail to a group of 8th graders from South Middle School. The group was ALL girls with 2 female teachers. While giving the tour in the hanging room a very loud whistle was heard, followed by a man voice saying “HEY!” I got on the walkie talkie to see if another tourguide was the voice. I got a very confusing reply. No one else was in there with my group…. I asked my group to hold on while I checked out the building. No one but the archives in the whole place. As I returned to the hanging, everyone was freaked and I got a lot of ” is this place haunted?” questions. As I tryed to finish the tour the hanging rope started to sway side to side quite forcefully. The museums official stand is NOT HAUNTED…but come on.

  2. This is terrifying. I haven’t heard about this event, but I’ve heard about others similar to this. People claim to see all kinds of scary things, especially in the late evening or early morning hours. I own a roadside assistance company in Edinburg and hope to never experience something like this when I’m out helping people at all hours of the night with their roadside assistance needs.

  3. When I was about 6 years old I visited this museum for the first time. I remember being in a tower and seeing what I thought was a dummy hanging from the noose. This man that I had seen had green skin. Barely last year I found out that there was never any dummies placed in that noose.

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