Our next story comes to us from La Feria, TX.  You can read a similar story here.  https://truehorrorstoriesoftexas.com/the-time-travel-whirlwind-vortex-of-la-homa-rd/

“This was told to me by a coworker.

In La Feria, TX last year (2017) he bought some property north off of White Ranch Rd.  The lot needed some clearing before building his home so he hired a man to help clear the lot and also stay at the lot while the home was being built so no one would steal the building materials during the night.

The hired man set up a tent at night and was more than happy to start working on clearing the lot.
During the time before the home was built, my coworker told me he would go check up on the man in the evenings and help him clear brush.

One evening the man was a little disturbed and explained to my coworker that the night before, on a clear summer night, around in the morning hours he woke up to a gust of wind sound and decided to look out his tent to see what was going on. He said the moon was very bright so the road in front was lit and in the middle of the road was a black cloud-like shadow with the sound of the wind, like a tunneling sound. He described that it was in the middle of the road, low to the ground and was traveling at a slow pace and the whole time it was making that windy sound. He watched it go down the road until it disappeared from view.

He had never seen anything like it and while the home was being built never saw or heard it again.
There are many homes out there so not sure if anyone has seen something like that out there. My coworker does do shift work so we’ll see if he ever experiences anything going home at certain hours of the night.” -Anonymous

Could this have been an ordinary whirlwind or something paranormal?  Have you ever seen anything like this before?

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