The Time Travel Whirlwind Vortex of La Homa Rd.

First of all I wanna give thanks to my friend who lent me his email to make it possible for me to submit this story and also wanna say thanks to True Horror Stories of Texas for opening this website where we can have the privilege of sharing our experiences with the public. Once again thanks. Now back to relating my paranormal experience.

This experience happened a few days back while driving with my friend, him being the passenger. We were like most people playing the famous Pokemon Go and finding Pokemons. We were traveling past Hwy 107 and La Homa Rd. where there’s almost no street lights and it’s pitch black. Just the headlights of our car lit the road ahead of us. And us being so into the phone didn’t realize we were so far away off from where we were supposed to be.

So by the time we realized we were this faraway and being past midnight we still kept on driving. Ahead of us we saw something, thinking it was a big dog or some animal, we couldn’t make out what it was at first. After getting closer we came out to a big vortex right in the middle of the road. I tried to swerve to one side to avoid it but it was too late. The vortex swallowed us so we drove thru the vortex.

And my friend and I could remember was a bright white flash and complete darkness. When we woke up we only remember seeing some desert surrounded by mountains and a long dirt road.

We were so frighten because we didn’t have any idea where we were and second of all the sun was shinning in all it’s splendor. How was that possible!!!! If minutes earlier it was pitch black. It was as if all the sudden we traveled to another time or dimension I don’t know. Stunned, we kept on driving through the dirt road and again all of the sudden, that bright white blinding light and back we were on La Homa Rd. This whole paranormal experience thing took place in a matter of two minutes tops. So shocked my friend and I tried to assimilate the whole experience but just couldn’t figure out how it took place . Days later, we’ve been thru the same road at night but nothing has happened . I guess it happens just once in a lifetime.

Story submitted by Joey

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