According to Wikipedia, “The “Light of Saratoga” is a legend located in the Big Thicket of Southeast Texas. This legend of a mysterious light is also known as the “Ghost Road” of Saratoga, the “Saratoga Light”, and “Bragg Road Ghost Light” by local residents. Located on a dirt road, it is a light that may appear and disappear at random during the dark of night without explanation..” Check out this next story from a woman who had a first-hand experience with the light.

“It was a clear, virtually cloudless night in the summer of 1972. My date, George, and I decided it would be fun to try to find the infamous Saratoga Light. Once there, after driving only about 5 minutes or so up Bragg Rd, we see a light, but it clearly looked “odd”. As we got closer we saw why. It was a pickup full of drunk guys holding a large lantern, trying to spoof anyone driving on the road. After passing them, it got eerily quiet. The only sound was the cicadas we could clearly hear with the car windows down on this typical hot, humid, Texas summer night. Farther and farther up the road we slowly traveled, when way up ahead, suspended in front, just below treetop level, was a pink light that was shining like the brightest star.

We kept driving towards it and watched as this light changed from pink to white, and back to pink again. We were both thrilled and mesmerized because we knew this was it!! But just as soon as that realization hit, the light started coming directly at our car at an incredible rate of speed, and not making a sound!!! George slammed on the brakes and yelled, “It’s gonna hit!”. We grabbed one another in the center of the car and braced for impact when the windshield was totally illuminated with the incredibly bright pink light. Seconds that seemed like an eternity went by when we finally unfolded ourselves and began to look around. Shocked there was no impact, we looked to see where the light went.

George found it in the rear view mirror. It appeared to be the same distance behind us as it was in front of us when we first saw it. As we watched, it sparkled, changing from pink, to white to pink again, then disappeared in an instant. We sat in the car for awhile excitedly telling each other about our good fortune to have seen (and survived) the Saratoga Light!! Then we proceeded down the road again, thinking we’d turn around at the very end of the road. However, much to our surprise, the exact same scenario played out again. We saw the pink shimmering light suspended above in the road ahead. It glimmered from pink to white to pink, then rushed at the car! We thought we’d escaped once, but it still might hit us a second time, so we braced ourselves again.

By the time it filled up the windshield with its light, it was just an automatic reflex to close my eyes and tighten every muscle in my body, but nothing happened. Again it was far behind us going from pink to white to pink again, then out, as if laughing at us! After this second encounter, it took no time to reach the end of the road and we could turn around at the railroad tracks. This is presumably where the railroad worker lost his head. Well, I don’t believe in that legend, but I can definitely tell you my gut told me that it wasn’t swamp gas, nor was it headlights from the highway. Exactly what was it? I have no idea, but I feel privileged that I was able to see it for myself twice on the same occasion back in ’72!” -Username :OldLadyStillRemembers

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