Thanks to our friend, Izel Vargas, for taking time out of his busy schedule to draw this awesome picture for this wendigo story!

“Wendigos are real. And the one that has been sighted all over Texas is the same one I saw a couple of times. This last time though I saw a clear detailed body and I’ll never forget it’s huge black eyes. I’ve heard its mimicry of dying animals and even my old friend calling for help from the dark forest even though I knew they were home because  I dropped them off at their house and walked home myself. It’s tried to lure me into the woods but I know it’s games. In the winter of 2016, twice in 2018 around the fall months, and again in the new year of 2019.

January 12th, 2019. It was a relatively cold night with slight misting. I circled my whole town cuz it’s pretty small. Coming home I walked by this large patch of woods nobody goes in except me cuz I’m the adventurous type. As I’m coming up to it, with the woods on my right and an old metal building with two small white houses beside it to my left, I see this tall 8-10 foot pale figure briskly walk across the dirt road from one of the houses to the woods about 40 feet in front of me. I know I saw something but ignore it and continue walking forward.

Picture sent in by C.Hranicky

Then this feeling of heaviness and dread washes over me as if I’m being watched. I take out my phone and switch on the light app and keep it aimed at the woods. I turn my head back and forth from the houses to the woods as I’m walking still. About the fifth time, I look back at the woods, there it is. It’s on all fours crouching over but is easily still five feet tall at the shoulder. I’m around 5” feet btw so that’s how I could tell. It was again only about 40 feet away. It had bleached white skin, a bald head, huge black eyes, human face and body except it looked extremely emaciated and it’s armed were like super long twigs.

It started and swayed its body back and forth like a mantis. That’s when I ran as fast as I could. I only looked back after I ran a block. It didn’t chase me but I’m pretty sure it was upset I interrupted its spying session on the people sleeping in those houses. Please be careful in Yorktown, Texas at night. If you’re here I know you’ll believe me and take my advice.” -C.Hranicky

Art by Izel Vargas

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6 Comments on “Wendigo of Yorktown, Texas”

  1. Interesting and compelling story, and I don’t doubt it, such creatures or entities are out there in the woods. That said, I am not so sure the term “wendigo” is the right term.
    People bandy about the terms “wendigo” and “skinwalker” a bit too much lately.
    These terms have specific meanings, and are tied to the lore of specific regions and cultures. Very often what people describe out in the woods and on lonely roadways sound like they are actually encountering a wholly different sort of entity.
    I would encourage everyone to actually look up the terms “wendigo” and “skinwalker” and see for themselves.

  2. I would like to investigate.
    Where is the location or how can I find this forest area, that you saw this wendigo or skinwalker?

  3. So glad I came across this story. I spent years not believing what I saw just outside of Yorktown heading towards Smiley.

    Late one evening my guest and I were traveling to my grandmother’s ranch. Dark and foggy (yes an eerily perfect setting), we were chatting whilst intently watching the narrow two lane road – deer can be a hazard. As we approached a road sign, I realized there was a figure standing directly in front of it. Being dark and a slight fog, I wasn’t able to see much detail.

    It was very tall (standing much taller than the sign), slender, and appeared multicolored. Best of all it was noticed by my passenger. Our conversation abruptly stopped. We were completely silent, until I asked if she saw what I had. She did, niether of us wanted to turn around.

    The next morning my brother arrived at grandmother’s ranch. He walked in and joined us for coffee. Bothered, he asked me if I had noticed anything when I drove up the night before. He saw the creature on the same stretch of road, and like me didn’t turn around. Together, yes strength in numbers, we went to look. The mid morning sun was bright, and whatever we had saw was gone.

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