Witch Nurse (Mission, TX)

Shout out to our friends over at RGV Scary Stories on Facebook.  This story is from one of their group members.
“One time it was 11 pm and I saw this lady walking on the street in Mission and she was wearing a nurse’s uniform. I asked her if she needed a ride and she said she was heading to work in Mission Hospital and that she was an RN.  She asked if I could drop her off all the way to the hospital. I had to tell her no since I didn’t have enough gas and no money. She just said, “Okay, you can just drop me off on 2 Mile and I’ll walk from there.”
Mind you this was on 107. She kept talking about how many babies she has delivered and how attached she felt to all of them, then her eyes just literally started turning all black and I just told her, “Okay we are here on 2 Mile.” She had a very scary smile and she asked if I was scared, I told her, “No, it’s late. I have to get home.” and she just opened the door while the vehicle was still moving! I was attempting to stop and she got off and started running, then all of a sudden flew away, she literally flew away!“ -Cesar & Melissa M.
Thank you, Cesar & Melissa M. for sharing your story with us.  Have any of you ever seen her?

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