This story comes from Alton, Texas.  Our respect goes out to the families involved in this tragic school bus accident.

Today marks the anniversary of one of the Rio Grande Valley’s most horrific incidents.  It was the beginning of the school year in Mission, Texas in September 1989 when a Dr. Pepper truck caused a school bus to fall over the ledge of a caliche pit full of water.  21 precious children drowned that day.

Today, it is fenced in.  People have claimed to hear the screams of the children.  However, most of the locals figure it is the teens that hang around there.Some people even claim to have seen figures sitting on the ledge of the pit.  Park and get off to see everything up close.  There is a definite sense of sorrow and gloom surrounding the area.

RIP to the children.

bus crash
Actual bus being lifted out of gravel pit.
Location of Accident
Location of Accident

Here is a New York Times Article from September 22, 1989 Click Here

Original News Report

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