Tall Dark Figures: Multiple encounters reported in Alamo, Texas

We received a message from an Alamo man called Jacob. He claimed to have experienced paranormal activity in his home. Check out what he had to say about his experience.

“The first one started here in my apartment, a few nights ago. I was cooking and my girls were sitting at the table doing homework while their mom was helping. I walked over, to look over their shoulder, and just check shit out. My chick looks up and slightly to her left which is right in the hallway. Her reaction was like she was speaking to someone else. She kind of yelled and said, “What are you doing?!” It sounded strange to me as it was happening because of the way she reacted. I asked, “What did I do? What happened?”

She looks up at me and says, “You didn’t see him?” So, I asked, “Who?!” She says, “There was a man standing at the end of the hall, staring right at us and he looked right at me!” “He turned around and he was gone.” I asked her some probing questions, she said he looked on at them but appeared confused. He had a young face.

So anyway, a tall and dark guy with a young face, strangely resembles a family friend who died a few years ago. Then this morning, her cousin, Angie, messaged her about her brother, Ruben. He had a similar encounter last night. He was sitting in his living room on his phone screwing around when he happened to look up and a tall, dark man was standing there with him, it turned to walk away and disappeared.

A few moments later his chick whispered his name from their bedroom a couple of times. He goes over to see what she wants; she asked what he was doing to which he said he was just sitting there. She told him she saw shadows from under the door like something or someone was walking around outside her door. Maybe inside the room, maybe outside but it was happening when he saw this figure in the living room. He went to work and described it to his work friend and this guy was shocked because the same thing had happened to his girlfriend the night before. Exact same thing. A tall dark figure.”-Jacob

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