The Haunted Mirror

This story was submitted to us by a South Texas man.  Check it out!

“This story was told to me by one of my cousins during a cookout.  This is the story relayed from his point of view:

I had a friend from Mexico that one day purchased an old Victorian sized wall mirror from an antique store and the seller told him a few warning signs before taking the mirror home.  He said the mirror must always remain covered up during the night.

Once my friend got home with the mirror, he admired his reflection before covering it up.  When dusk approached and his room started to get dark, he swore he heard someone knocking inside the covered mirror.  So like the saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat.”  He uncovered the mirror and what he states next is kind of hard to believe.

He says his reflection was the one knocking through the other side of the mirror with a twisted smile. So, my friend got so scared he tried to run, but was paralyzed.  He says his reflection tried to get out of the mirror as he struggled with it.  According to him, he never experienced something so evil like this reflection before.


While struggling, he says the reflection tried to get him in the mirror world, but only succeeded halfway.  He saw how it was inside the mirror, everything was inverted backwards.  He was so scared, he started to pray and got the strength to wrestle with his reflection and got out of the mirror and his bedroom.

He went running to my house white as a sheet of paper and told me what happened.  We chatted all night since we didn’t have the guts to go back.  Next morning, we went to my friend’s house and destroyed the mirror.  We burned it, said a few prayers and everything went back to normal.

This happened in Veracruz Mexico a few years back, believe it or not.” – Juan

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