One summer day many years ago in a small town named Santa Maria, a group of us boys, 5 in total including myself, were glad to be out of school. We were so bored of watching T.V. so we decided that we wanted to go for a swim out in the nearby canal.

We all got ready and were on our way. As we were on our way we had to walk past a forest-like land. All of a sudden, my friend Moose heard something calling him saying “hey”, but we simply ignored it and kept on our way. Note that four of us were 13 years of age while the 5th kid, Moose’s brother, was 6 years old. We settled on the street next to the canal while the forest-like land was still behind us -giving us shade- next to the road of the canal.

The canal was deep so that we couldn’t let in Moose’s little brother. Us 4 thirteen-year-old boys settled in the water and after a couple minutes of playing we looked up at the Moose’s little brother and we saw something so disturbing, a charro with a black face and a big charro hat getting ready to snatch the kid. We screamed the little boy’s name out and the charro head back into the forest-like land into the trees.

Us young teens were all frightened so we had to tell our parents. Our parents in disbelief told us we had to quit making up stories. After that day, not many kids went back to the canal. We were all frightened and scared of the charro who tried to snatch the Moose’s brother. We were kids then, now we are adults and have kids of our own, even grand kids and we have made it aware to never go near that canal.

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