Crosses Appear Randomly in Mission, Texas

South Texas Mission area….

Anybody live in Mission? And remember the Crosses appearing in different houses in the 90’s??? If I had to remember correctly I would say it was around 1997

There was two houses in Mission, I don’t remember one of them but one house which is still there is around on Mayberry street near 1st street and old 83. I don’t want to give the address of the house because that is a privacy issue but it is a house near the new church that was built around 2008?

Anyways I remember when I was a kid going to this house and there was a cross in the bathroom mirror. It was a transparent clear cross…some crosses were purple or white or even golden. People said that people saw different types of cross colors depending on the person. I remember seeing a white cross while my step mom saw a gold cross.

I even remember the local news channel 4 coming and checking for any signs of temperament on the windows/glass
There was always a line of people to look at these crosses…

I remember going one rainy night after I begged my step mom that I wanted to see the crosses and she took me…the old lady of the house was a sick lady and her provider opened the door and asked the old lady if we could see the crosses in her bathroom, she agreed and I remember seeing the old lady in the living room and feeling sorry for her.

Anyways, shortly after she passed and the crosses disappeared…I don’t know if the crosses had anything to do with the lady but they build a brand new church in front on an old one there and whenever I pass by there sometimes I always remember the old lady and the crosses…   Submitted by Juan Longoria

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