Beautiful Ghost Lady – Santa Maria, Texas

One night in Santa Maria Texas, near the Rio Grande River and near a cemetery, my cousin was riding her bicycle late at night. She was just arriving at my house from the park, when she told us that, when she parked her bike in the drive way of my house, a mysterious beautiful lady with a white dress appeared. She told us that the lady wasn’t even touching the ground.


The lady came around the corner of the house and looked into my cousin’s eyes. My cousin’s reaction was nothing but to stay in shock, she also admitted that she even peed a little. The mysterious white dressed lady spoke to her saying “what is your name?” My cousin was frozen in that instant. She didn’t even know what to say or do.  So the first thig that came out my cousins mouth was “ my na.. na. name is.. A…A.. londra. (even though her name was Elizabeth). As soon as she said that, she ran with her whole life to the house. As she turned the door knob, she looked back and she wasn’t there anymore….santa maria river map


True Horror Stories of Texas:  Could this be a Lady in White sighting or La Llorona?

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