My mom told me this story when I was little and it has always stuck with me. The story is about the Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen. There used to be a nurse who worked there, she had been there for many years. One day she became very ill and passed away in the hospital. It’s said that she now haunts a certain part of the hospital every night. The hauntings were so common and people were so frightened by it that they had to close off a certain section of the hospital permanently.

The legend says that if a person would be using the elevator at night in that certain section of the hospital, the ghost nurse would appear and would wave her hand, as for you to follow her. So as the person follows, she leads the person to get on the elevator. What I’ve heard, she takes them down to the basement, where all the dead people are located. Once they are both there, she disappears and leaves them stuck in the basement.. How scary!

Sent in by Nataly Dealmas


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29 Comments on “Valley Baptist Hospital Ghost Nurse – Harlingen, Texas”

  1. Never heard this story before. Sounds creepy. That being said, where I work ( SPI), we’ve had many strange occurrences in the time I’ve worked there and previous. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. But, Ive never felt scared. I always felt God and Jesus’s protection.

  2. I worked at VBMC. There is no basement. The morgue is on the first floor behind where the cafeteria used to be. The nurse is on 3rd Central where pediatrics used to be. It’s used by pharmacy

    1. I spoke with the person who sent in the story, they said that it must have been the first floor then, she said she was little when they told her the story

    2. Right on Weaver … Hahaha worked there 13 yrs with Home Health and Hospice and Hubby 17 yrs Exactly no Basement. Lol

    3. That is true,I used to work there as well, so the story this person says is untrue. Sorry. I used to work graveyard in the E.R. believe me I saw many things there.

    4. I thought the same thing. No basement at VBMC. There is also a little boy on top floor who bounces a ball. The old L&D used to be above the morgue on Ed Carey. I saw a man sitting in our rockers. Went back and no one was there. Another nurse saw him too. I’m sure there are many more.

  3. Ummm, I guess this is something to look our for but what’s really frighrening ir rhis grammar! Ahhhh! I guess not only did tje story teller have their own flavor to bring but the editors of tje site must have been dead too. Plot twist!

  4. I worked there for 19 years begining in1993 and I heard the stories while there. Third central is where the alleged sightings occured. In 1994 or 95 I was asked to install a hidden video camera in what was at the time the rehab/exercise area of the new third central rehab. Appearently someone had seen the nurse ghost there during the night shift. The camera never caught anything out of the ordinary. In fact in all my 19 years I worked every building and covered every nook and cranny possible, including at night and alone, and never did I see any ghost. If ghost where real then I would assume hospitals would beloaded with ghost. – just my 2 pesos. Gil G

    1. Gil, the fact that you never saw the ghost doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Ghosts don’t make themselves visible to everyone.

      1. Very True on this one. Because when my cousins got electrocuted up north I was watching up in the sky god coming down up down and up again and then I told my parents mom look god came down up down up again why. My mom said get to work! and then 45 minutes later they came crying to let us know that my cousins had gotten killed.

  5. I never saw a nurse but one time I was in the hospital had surgey on my left side lung I was seeing tv and dosing on & off I saw little kids playing in my room they were all dressed like if they had came from church anyway it was late and I heard the person that checks your vital signs coming to my room and I told them shhhh because they gonna hear you I remember the kids running and hiding under my bed where my head was laying I told the guy that came to check me did you see the kids that were playing in my room he replied no but I’ve heard different stories . Later when I came out of hospital I told my sister in law that is always reading the bible she told me that those kids were my angels taking care of me. 🙏🏼

  6. My dad was in and out of the hospital for five years with heart disease and surgeries; my mother I would take shifts staying in his room all day and night. We never saw anything but my dad who was in ICU after open heart surgery said he saw his parents and my mom parents who told him it wasn’t his time and watched over him during the surgery. I really don’t think much ghost but I do believe our loved ones that past still look after us in our greatest time of need.

  7. Look into Rio Grande State Center dorms, El Paisano and La Paloma. There is documented incidents in the logs of frequent strange occurrences and sightings. I, myself have two unexplainable incident there at the old chest hospital.

  8. Yes I would like to know more about this ghost nurse, when she died how many years she worked there when she appears what time she appears, the reason being is that I’m doing a show called “EL VALLE DE NO RESUELTO” (UNSOLVED MYSTERIES OF THE VALLEY) and we want your stories if you can please contact me here or at I would gladly appreciate it thank you.

    1. We learned about this from word of mouth from someone who sent in a story. Only thing I can recommend is do your own research. Ask questions to people in the Harlingen area. Good luck!

  9. I worked delivering Federal packages there. Wen I went up to the third floor one mid day. Third floor. I got back on elevator. Door bell went ding. So I scooted back let others in. So a couple went in. Then door about to close. We here the ding again. So we all move to let other person in. Doors opens wide. We wait an one was there. I said to everyone . It’s a spirit. I laughed inside but Wen door closed I an every one. Stayed quiet. I will never forget that. I figured thousands have died there. . But glad I don’t work there all day or night.

  10. A couple years back ,I was admitted to VBMC with a really bad headache and don’t remember what floor but I encountered the nurse dressed in white uniform and s nurse’s cap,the old kind and she asked if I needed meds for the pain and she never came back and I asked the nurse on duty if someone dressed like that was working and she said no and it must have been the nurse ghost that came to my room and I know what I saw and spoke to.Well that is what I’ve experienced that night and I do believe. True story.

  11. I spoke to Ameila Ernheart and her Mom up on the 3rd floor. She waved her hand at me asked me what I wanted to do and that was it she never helped me. I last saw her at HEB on Morgan this past year.

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