The Haunting of C. E. Vail

In La Feria, Texas the elementary school C. E. Vail’s gym is haunted by a little girl and boy of about the ages of 10. Vail is built over the first cemetery that was there. Very uneasy things happen in the gym like for one if you put your ear to the ground and knock once, you will hear someone or something knock back three times and hear a cry for help. Also with the story of bloody Mary is big at this school. The school wasn’t only a elementary school, it used to be the old middle school and once there was a girl named Mary who had twins, which we know as baby pink and baby blue. The twins were murder by their mother (they drowned). They haunted the first grade wing’s bathroom. If you go to the last stall in the either bathroom and knock on the wall three times, the light will flicker and they will show

you how you will die. One of the students did this and they saw a noose, when I did it, I saw a knife.

But back to the gym the ten year old girl was always bullied by everyone except the boy. He was in love with her. One day in November the girl locked herself in the bathroom and bought a chain with her. There is a hook in the girl’s bathroom in the gym for some unknown reason. Well she climbed up to the room and wraps the chain around her neck and hung herself. Two days later she was found by one of the school workers and the news spread around like wildfire. It destroyed the boy heart and he lost his mind, so a week later he waited until afterschool to go to the gym and dressed as a clown and took a knife and stabbed himself eight times. He died right there. They didn’t find his body until four days later. In the back of the gym there are four doors where the gym stuff is, if go to last door on your left and look right between the crack you will see a sad clown holding a knife. No one ever is allowed to by themselves in the gym because kids have been known to disappear and never be found again. That’s the story of C.E.Vail. I attended this school for four years and know many people who have seen these things.

One more thing about the bloody Mary part, one time my friends and I tried it in the restroom and when the lights went off, the doors locked and we heard weird noises and none of the teachers could get us out for 10-15 minutes. When the lights came back on, on a little hook that was hanging from the ceiling, hung the chain with a note that said “I am coming” after that, they shut down the girl’s restroom. If you talk to the coaches who worked or work there, they will tell you that this is all true.

Photo of the La Feria Junior High built in 1926
Photo of the La Feria Junior High built in 1926

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5 Comments on “The Haunting of C. E. Vail”

  1. 100 % bull.
    If it happened, legend would be passed from generation to all families in la feria, and there ain’t many.

  2. It’s real because one time a janitor had to clean the gym because nobody else wanted to because it was haunted he was cleaning he gym floor with the mop then he kept feeling like something was behind him then he said”is anything behind me”the ghost said”don’t worry about it”that’s when the janitor dropped the mop and ran

    1. What did you expect when you built your school over a century. The stories are true, real event happen there and I I’m terrified on what I’ve experienced and I would say I would never want to go back there ever again.

      Frick you school sir or mam

  3. The story about W.B. Green being hunted is true. I and 2 janitors experienced it. I went one evening to my classroom to clean my fish tanks in my class room. I had dropped my daughters a a friends house that lived a block away. While I was filling the tanks with water, I heard the wing heavy door slam shut. I thought it was my girls but the hall was empty. In case it was security or a janitor, I called out and nothing. I continued and than I heard a coke fall down in the coke machine outside my room. I went to look and a coke was there. I said that maybe the machine malfunctioned and threw out the coke. I later heard the restroom flush. I yelled out if anyone was there. The only ones with keys to the building are teachers, janitors and admin. All was silent again when I heard the the water fountain noise like if someone was drinking water but no one was there but there was water sprinkled around the fountain. I said that someone must had gone in the wing behind me while I left the door ajar in case my girls decided to come help me. As I was about to finish I heard a sneeze and the noise like when someone throws a book and it slides across the floor. No book on the floor in the hall. Later. I heard a locker door slam. I said to myself that it was the lady janitor trying to scare me since she had a scare one night and I didn’t believe her. She told me that one night that she was cleaning in her sport bra because it was hot since all the air cons turn off after 7PM. While she swept the floor, she felt a cold hand on her shoulder push her. She never took off her shirt again. We both kept it to ourselves and I didn’t bring it up again till now.

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