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Bat-like creature atop hotel at South Padre Island, Texas

The author of this next story asked us to change some of the names to ensure anonymity. Nonetheless, there seems to be something going on in Deep South Texas. Check out this story from South Padre Island, Texas.


“Ok, well, this happened around mid-April of this year (2017). I was working overnight at the Shlitterbahn Beach Resort at South Padre which neighbors the Sapphire Hotel. My coworker, Bobby, and I were walking around the pool on the property and looking up to the Sapphire. He had said something like, “Imagine seeing a guy just jump off the rail at the very top.”

Sapphire Resort in background

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Mothman in Texas

Driving on FM 157 between Venus and Mansfield, Texas, my daughter and I were on our way to Walmart. It was sometime in the Fall of 2007 around dusk. From my left, something in the sky caught my eye. At first, I thought it was a trash bag that had gotten caught in a wind current. As it got nearer, it seemed to be descending and I thought of a person stretched out in a glider. Even nearer and still descending, it looked like a human-like form with wings attached. Never once flapping its wings, it glided toward us, so close to the top of our car, it seemed as though it would land on top of our car.

My window was slightly rolled down and I never heard a sound. I suddenly felt the need to roll my window up and didn’t dare stop the car to see what it was. It looked dark brown or black, somewhere between the texture of a toe sack and leather, kind of raggedy and worn looking. It didn’t have feathers. Once I realized what I was seeing, I immediately thought of the creature fromJeepers Creepers.

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