Chased By A Ghost Semi (Mission, TX)

“In the cold winter of 2013, my friend and I were driving through the back roads of Mission, cruising since we hadn’t hung out in months. We were in his Red Chevy Truck listening to rock music when a mysterious semi-truck popped out from behind us.   At first, we thought it was just a man taking shipment.  I looked back but since it was nighttime, the windshield of his truck was opaque and we couldn’t see.

The semi-truck began to speed up, honking the horn.  My friend pressed the gas and tried to outrun him.  The semi also sped up and I felt my heart begin to beat faster.  As we approached the expressway, we saw a Stripes gasoline station and turned in quickly.  As I looked back, the truck suddenly disappeared.  It was as if the truck evaporated without seeing it.  The next day, I researched haunted trucks.  They mostly happen in Mexico, but since we are close to the border, it is possible for this to happen.  To this day, it is unknown why that truck chased us out.” -David V

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