Little Ghost Girl Just Wants To Play

“I was a young boy in 1992 and my parents and I had just moved here. I went with my parents to the mission because back then it was open as a historical marker during the day. I remember it very clearly. It had a long hallway with doors on each side and high ceilings with wood floors. There were pictures in the walls and the doors were all open but the top floor and basement were closed off. In one room was a chapel and it had a scary feeling and I felt heavy in my stomach so I asked my dad if I could wait for them outside.

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La Lomita Mission before it burned down.

While outside I see a girl about my age in a white dress and dark hair like wanting to play so I followed her to say hi, as I followed she kept making me signs like “come look” once I got to a big statue of the Virgin Mary she disappeared. It was like a concrete courtyard and the statue was there with flowers around her.

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Located at La Lomita Mission

I heard crying sounds and instantly felt so scared! I ran to my car and waited for my parents to tell them the story. As we drove off my mother said she heard crying from the basement and said she could feel tragic things happened there. Soon after they stopped opening it to the public.” -Brooks

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