Bat-like creature atop hotel at South Padre Island, Texas

The author of this next story asked us to change some of the names to ensure anonymity. Nonetheless, there seems to be something going on in Deep South Texas. Check out this story from South Padre Island, Texas.


“Ok, well, this happened around mid-April of this year (2017). I was working overnight at the Shlitterbahn Beach Resort at South Padre which neighbors the Sapphire Hotel. My coworker, Bobby, and I were walking around the pool on the property and looking up to the Sapphire. He had said something like, “Imagine seeing a guy just jump off the rail at the very top.”

Sapphire Resort in background

I laughed and looked all the way up and that’s where I saw it. It was as big as a man, and it had bat-like wings that were much wider than the height of the “man”. It hovered to the side of the hotel looking like it was heading for the beach without a sound. If we didn’t look up we wouldn’t have noticed.

Also, it had what looked like a green glow on its belly, but it could have been from the light off the Sapphire since that hotel has two big green lights that can be seen from the Port of Brownsville. Man, that thing was creepy and we both stared at it for a while as it just hovered. Different things ran through my mind of what it could have been, a kite, an angel, a really huge bat, a demon, the Mothman, but what settled was the “Jeepers Creepers” creature.

We walked back to the front desk and the whole time I felt like it was gonna swoop down and take one of us. The rest of the night we stayed inside, even the security guard, who is supposed to make his rounds, didn’t want to be left alone outside after seeing it too. That was the only time that I know it was seen.” – D.

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