“So I met my husband in Indiana where I’m from and about 7 years after we were married we decided to move to Los Fresnos, Texas where his family all live.  We built a home on the last lot before it turns into a dirt road in Old Alice and it was so beautiful and quiet that I often took my 3 young sons for a nature walk in the early mornings. On one particular morning when my oldest was walking with us, we noticed some really weird writing on the road in mud that said “CHENTA” it was strange because you had to pass our home in order to go down that dirt road that was so grown over that nobody ever used it except us and we definitely would have seen anyone pass us.

The marks were so fresh that the mud hadn’t even settled back yet so it would have to have been within the hour for sure. South Texas heat would cook wet mud in a matter of minutes. My oldest son yelled for me to look at the “little people “that were just standing in the middle of the road ahead some 30feet in front of us.  I honestly thought I was hallucinating at first but there in daylight, were about 5 really really small humanoid-looking things with completely black skin just staring back at us.

I walked a bit closer to make sure that’s I wasn’t seeing incorrectly but no I had been seeing just fine. These little people had small white pointy hats on like a garden gnome wears in the cartoons I watched as a kid. They wore loose white robe looking dresses and one of them had string or rope tied around its middle.  But there was one that was at least 3ft y’all, much much bigger than the rest and it wore all black and acted like a leader making a motion for the others to begin walking into the tall grass.  They were so tiny it looked comical almost except I was terrified for some reason.

I started running at them because I’d never seen anything like this before or even heard of it but when the black one turned toward me I felt like I couldn’t move at all. Even my kids were frozen still until they all were safely in the high grass. After I got myself together I went to look around the place I saw them standing and there were no footprints but bird feet prints instead. I will never forget this as long as I live. The neighbor told me about a month after this happened that they are common to Hispanic people who call them duendes.

They play cruel pranks on people and mimick the voice of a loved one to lure children away from home. My neighbor claims that her mother left tobacco and whiskey out for them every full moon or they tore up her garden.  I honestly didn’t know what to believe but I do know what we saw that day. The strangest part is that even though it was bright daylight we couldn’t see their faces no matter how hard we tried. It’s as if they were blurred out. All there was a black smudge but no features.”- Jenny

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