Short Human-Like Creature Seen In Cemetery (Big Sandy, TX)

“It was a dark clear night within a 45-minute drive from Big Sandy, Texas.  A roommate, her boyfriend, and I went to find a place to have a couple of drinks and hang out, we drove for a while and were headed back to Big Sandy when the boyfriend said he had to take a leak.  So of course we told him to pull off to the side of the road.  Not much later, he saw a sign for a cemetery, but I can’t remember the name.  It was very wooded and the cemetery was gated, but the gates were open.

The cemetery was up an incline and couldn’t be seen from the road. My roommate and I were completely creeped out and kept telling him to turn back, he said it was too tight to turn back and he promised us it would be ok.  So we kept going……about 3-5 minutes later up the dirt road was a clearing, with a few trees. In the moonlight and car lights, we could see a small mausoleum, elaborate gravestones, less elaborate gravestones, and ahead of us a very dark road.  He jumped out to run behind a large man-sized headstone and my friend refused to leave the car.

I got out for a second, but it was so quiet, and east Texas woods are NEVER quiet so I jumped back in….no sooner had I jumped in we then saw a flash of a human-like a creature about 2 1/2-3 feet tall to the right of the headlights about 50 yards in front of us…..we screamed out the window for our friend to hurry.  In the 5 seconds, it took for us to holler, the creature had covered the 50 yards and beat the side of the car with his fists I assume.

We were screaming and the boyfriend jumped in the car but before we peeled back out it ran up hitting the side again and disappeared into the woods to our right.  We never saw it in full light but it was small enough it didn’t reach the door handles to the sedan with its head and it never made a sound.  My friends refused to talk about it after and no one believed me…..but I know what I saw, but wish I could remember the name of the cemetery.”- Anonymous

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