There is a an old legend in East Texas about an alleged woman in white stalking the streets of Port Neches, TX.  How many of you out there have seen her?

Check out this story by Cari

“I was told this story by a friend of mine and her mother when I was about eight years old. My family was somewhat new to town and my friend asked if I knew the story of “Sara Jane Road”.
As the story goes, the old highway here in Southeast Texas which is called Sara Jane Road by local residents, is haunted by the ghost of Sara Jane and her baby. Legend has it that in Civil War times Sara Jane’s husband was fighting in the war and it was just herself and her newborn that lived in a house out in the woods on this highway along the Neches River.Word got to her that Union soldiers were on their way to her house, so she placed her baby in a wicker basket and set the basket under the wooden bridge that was near her house. She then returned to the house and hung herself from a tree out front.

If you stand on the bridge at midnight you can see a light flickering out in the woods that looks like a light of an old lantern and you can hear Sara Jane’s moans & hollers, as she is looking for her baby that she left under the bridge. Some people say that on certain nights like Halloween or Friday the 13th you can actually see the ghost of Sara Jane wandering the woods with her lantern in search of her baby.


I have been out there many times as a young kid, about 18-20 years ago, with slumber parties and such, and have never seen any lights or ghosts. My friends’ parents said they had seen these themselves when they were teenagers. I’m not even sure if there ever was anyone with the name Sara Jane that lived in this area. ”

Story Submitted by Cari

Another Texas woman shares her experience with Sarah Jane Rd

“If you drive down the road at night, you can see Sarah Jane will be standing on the side of the path. My friends went once and said they saw a lady in a white nightgown walking. When they went to ask if she needed a ride, she was gone.”

Submitted by jaselynm.

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26 Comments on “The Legend of Sarah Jane Road in Port Neches, Texas”

  1. back then I had 12 oclock curfew and better be home…so I never made it to see, but always heard of her..ha, some times teenage boys would go there back in the day to fight, knowing nobody around to hear or call police…my brother was one

    1. Not exactly. I used to park with girlfriends on Sarah Jane road, but a cop told us to move on one time and ever since then I didn’t use the road to neck on.

  2. I grew up in Groves and traveled across that bridge since the early 1960’s. This is the first time I heard this version of the legend. The version I heard growing up was Sarah Jane was being chased by Indians and her baby fell off the bridge from her wagon. After she escaped the Indians she went back to the bridge, but could never find her baby, so she haunts Sarah Jane Road. The problem with both versions is the chanel the bridge crosses is a man made cut to provide access to the Neches River. The bridge did not exist in the time period of either version of the legend. Sorry to drop a truth bomb, but I still love the legend and Sarah Jane Road is still very spooky, especially at night.

    1. Never herd that on in my life an all my people grew up there the only one iv ever herd is the one ubove in the story so idk

  3. Not the way I heard the story. Up to the point where Union Soldiers were coming to town, she collects belongings and gets a ride out of town with a bootlegger, who ends up being chased (can’t remember if it was the Law or soldiers, anyway. ..they are traveling fast and when they got to the bridge, they hit kind of hard and the baby flew out of the wagon and into the water. Sara Jane jumped out of the wagon and went to look for her baby. She never found it . She hung herself from the big tree. And at night you can see her looking for her baby. And if you listen carefully, you can hear a,baby crying….

  4. The story I always heard (and I was born in Groves near there in 1936) is like this: Sara Jane was pregnant (not married) and back in those days….it was a disgrace. Her parents hid her out in a house deep in Sara Jane Woods. When the baby was born, 3 men broke into the house…took the baby and threw him in the river and hung Sara Jane. To this day if you go down Sara Jane Road at night you may see Sara Jane (all dressed in white) out looking for her baby.

  5. It bothers me that every version of the story is so different.. I’ve always heard that she was a witch running from the towns people and she hid her baby in the basket in the river.. the towns people hung her in a tree and late nights you can hear her crying out for her baby and sometimes see her in the white nightgown searching for it

  6. When I was in high school, a car load of kids would drive out to Sara Jane Road late at night and play “fruit basket turnover” on the bridge. Sometimes, it would take us a few minutes to get brave enough to jump out of the car. Usually there was a dare involved.

  7. i heard the indian dad grew up just past the texaco curves, in port neches at the end of sarah jane road. he said it’s made up they used to call it the groves port neches road and the story was made up somtime in the 60s.

  8. I lived there and when I was younger my brother and sister and her friends brought me and a friend there one time to Sarah Jane bridge and we all got out of the car turned off they all started telling her name a fog came and look when I heard her say do u have my baby me and everyone else jumped in the car..
    Was foggy and car wouldn’t start then about a second or two the fog lifted and car started. Me and my friend were so freaking scared we were under the seats . As we were driving away from the bridge we heard a baby crying .
    I believe …..
    Heard stories of a football player who had picked her up and lent her his jacket dropped her off at her house few days later he went to her house and told the lady he picked her up and he needed his jacket the lady told him she had hung herself under the bridge when she was pregnant over 10 years . She went in her room and his jacket was hanging in her closet. I never heard of baby been born or nothing but what I saw and heard I do believe.

      1. Its a real road, im sure if you just look it uo you can find it, theres also a road in vidor called ‘jap lane’ a rice farmer owned the riad and a battle killed all the people who worked there, and when its nighttime and you go down the road, some say you can see all the workers white lanters in the feild still working, and at the end of the road theres a green lantern, if it turns red, the road goes on forever, and if you try and turn your car around and go back it goes forever the other way, and its really hard to turn around bc theres a deep ditch on either side of the road, so if you want another creepy area, you can check that out, as a local who grew up in the area, i believe everything, so if you go there please be careful

  9. This link and most comments are wrong. It was off round bunch rd. And she did hide her baby and hang her self. We grew up hearing about it but it wasn’t in port naches. We jumped off the bridge they call Sara Jane bridge and swim their the bridge opens for big ships and boats to pass by

    1. Its in port neches, i remember i used to live in port neches and it was a road that if you go to the left of a white ild building and keep going its there, ive been there so its in port neches, sorry if i offended you, but if you didnt live in the area you shouldnt really be telling people where it is- again sorry

  10. Always heard the light and sounds were other kids that arraigned to be out there when your friends brought you. Never saw or heard anything out there myself

  11. I have always heard that she was crossing the bridge in her wagon and the baby fell out and drowned. She searched for her baby and when she couldn’t find her baby, she hung herself. Supposedly you can hear her crying in the night.

  12. I grew up down the road and I always heard it was during the civil war and she was a spy and one side found out and they hung her and threw baby under the bridge

  13. I grew up on neches dr down the road from Sara Jane and I always heard that she was a spy and got caught and she was hung and her baby was thrown under the bridge. I used to drive down the road every other weekend to go see my dad and me and my brother have seen her ghost.

  14. Alright, so I am a little freaked out right now. I live in the area(Port Arthur) not even ten minutes away. I have been up and down this road plenty of times, have heard the stories of her supposedly being in the middle of street and blah blah. Well I never actually looked into the whole story or anything up until now. A friend and I were driving down the street on Saturday March 13, more like March 14 since it was around 2:30 a.m. He is joking around and flickered off the lights I turned to grab his arm joking around to turn on the lights. I look up and there is a body in a white dress hanging above, and we drove right under the swinging legs. I told him I seen something a lady hanging. Today March 22,2020 I told my sister what I saw. She started freaking out and told me Sarah Jane hung herself. I was in denial til I read this article. I AM IN SHOCK.

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