The Tale of Roy Simms; the man who haunts the Texas A&M Animal Industries Building.

There are regular reports of the Animal Industries building at Texas A&M in College Station, TX, being haunted.  According to students and staff, the restless spirit of Roy Simms can be seen throughout the building.

“The basement used to serve as a slaughter house to teach students how to butcher meat. One day, one of the instructors was down there alone when he cut himself severely. His blade slipped and he severed his femoral artery and bled to death before help could arrive. Some stories say he dragged himself across the floor toward the elevator before he died, leaving a long blood trail behind him. Students claim to see apparitions and sometimes find unexplained dark stains on the floors of the building.

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According to an article on

“Custodians and students have grown the myth over the years, as they stay late in the ANIN, witnessing unexplainable things. It is regularly reported that screaming voices can be heard in the hallways, footsteps and slamming doors where no one is seen, even strange objects moving along the wall near the freight elevator where Simms bled out.

Some janitors have requested reassignment out of fear and others have embraced the Spirit of Roy Simms as reported in The Battalion in 1983.”


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