“Back around 20 years ago, I was visiting my great-uncle in the region around Kerrville, Texas. At the time he was living in his first house in the area before he moved to a retirement community, near a small set of trees. The trees were beautiful, really, as is the Hill Country. I was staying with him and my great-aunt for about a week when we went out for an evening to walk his dachsund as we tended to do in evenings in general.

The walk was uneventful as the sunset, just a normal evening complete with the calls of doves and other wildlife, and the dog just having a wonderful time. Then, suddenly, all the wildlife went deafeningly silent and both of us froze, as did the dog. I remember having a distinct sense of unease and fear that I could not quite explain, and the dog looking directly in a specific area near a streetlight, my eyes turning to where the dog was looking.

There was a creature loping through there, a dog-like thing about the size of a large Labrador-dachshund hybrid, save that on the creature’s neck there was a head the size of a bear, and the thing was loping up and down and up and down in a way that fitted that kind of….build. It looked hypnotic in a sense and I was more terrified than I have ever been with anything else I ever saw. It gave me a visceral understanding of Lovecraft’s idea that things that just look fundamentally wrong are terrifying precisely because the proportions do not fit.

That thing was powerfully built, too, the upper limbs, in particular, were very stout, and the dog remained frozen for another few minutes before we moved back to the house.

I’m not sure what precisely that was, or if it was a dogman, but it convinced me that something like that could exist. The sudden silence that lasted for a few minutes after it left, and the dog just being frozen without even growling or barking still sends chills in me when I remember it.

As my only encounter with something like a cryptid, too, it remains something very vivid in my mind, not least because I know how dogs move, I know what wolves would move like, and whatever that was it was no natural thing that made sense.

The head was so massive that it dragged the body down with it when it moved. It had a very fluid aspect to the motion at the same time, and that dissonance is what made it hypnotic. Also not an easy thing to forget because it just looked… wrong.

Head goes down, back limbs go up. Head goes up, upper body goes up with it. All in this fluid motion. To be as specific as I can get.” – DeaththeEternal


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  1. I’ve been in the area for 45yr grew up on a ranch in MT Home been a rancher for a lot years and now live on my ranch in Fredericksburg and have seen tracks that Would follow your description very closely.On 5/11/20 I found tracks and took pics ,that would be plausable,the last time I saw tracks like this was 18years ago.But like a buddy that did my hay fields and had been here longer than me told me”ya I get it there’s some really weird stuff out here but who are you gonna tell”I never forgot those words.

    1. I have a theory and would like to know more from anyone who has had an eyewitness account no matter how bizarre it might sound. I will listen.
      My email so it will be shown is as follows:
      Propaniacs43@yahoo.com (I like king of the hill. That explains my email account).

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