Smiling Ghost Lady In Wheelchair (Harlingen, TX)


“Ok, this was about 11 yrs ago when I used to live in Harlingen.  My mom was at VBMC on the 3rd floor.  One day, I went to visit my mom and as I was going towards the main entrance. There was an old lady in a wheelchair to the left of the main entrance, it was almost getting dark at the time.   As I was walking towards the entrance, this lady was waving at me.  I looked back and around to see if it was me she was waving at.  She had white hair and very old, and in a wheelchair.

I then waved back and she asked me if I could take her to the elevator.  I pushed her to the elevator, but all through this time she would smile at me looking up at me but with a happy smile. We got on the elevator, she hardly said anything but kept smiling.  She said she wanted the 5th floor.  I pressed the 3rd-floor button, in which my mom was on that floor and also the 5th floor, the 3rd floor came up and I was going to exit and then she said no, for me to take her to the 5th floor, so I said yeah.

We got to the 5th floor and she said just to take her to the desk where the nurses usually sit, but she did not let me take her all the way to the desk, so I did drop her off there. I then went to my mom’s floor, as the doors opened from the elevator, it donned on me that what was an old lady in a wheelchair doing outside by herself?  I pressed the button to go up again to verify that she got to her room.  I asked the nurses at the desk about the old lady in the wheelchair, they responded, no lady has gone through there in the last few minutes, that is when I found out it was a ghost, that I was pushing all this time.” Jose R.

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