The Nahual of La Homa Rd

“This incident took place back in 2014. I’m a married man and by destiny, I live a few blocks from la Homa Rd. I travel that infamous road back and forth day and night. Well, to make a long story short, back in 2014 after my wife had her paycheck deposited to her bank like around 3 a.m. after checking a couple of times on her mobile banking there was the updated balance after her check was deposited. Us being excited and all. I’ve decided to go to Whataburger for some get away and to have some cool wee hour dinner.

So faster than a jackrabbit, I was on the way to get those delicious goodies. I got there with no problem. Ordered my food and off I was on my way back home. Coming back home through La Homa Rd which I usually travel a lot. Suddenly, there was a black silhouette flying over my windshield. Thinking it was a black empty trash bag flying since it was a windy night, I just brushed it off. But to my surprise, it was no black trash bag at all !!! I can vividly remember seeing a hairy man only that it had wings and his coat fur was like brownish gray color and it was just flying around the windshield of my truck. Me, scared as hell and sweating a cold sweat and my throat dry, I could barely pass saliva nevertheless speak a word. The creature started to fly around the truck until it stopped in my driver’s window, so I sped off as fast as I could.

Thinking this creature was trying to follow me, I sped up and passed the street. I turned to get home due to the fact that my destination was just 2 blocks from that creature. Me trying to outsmart the creature I drove off a few blocks past my destination and went in and out of a couple of neighborhoods I finally managed to lose the creature and decided to get home A.S.A.P. thinking my wife was alone I decided to get home fast. As I got home, I got off the truck running inside my house like lightning. My wife started questioning me what was the matter. I was trying to calm down, took at least 30 minutes.

After that, I managed to tell my wife the whole ordeal I went through. I completely forgot about my food. And to make matters worse I left my keys in the ignition with the engine running and doors locked. I must have been so scared that I forgot to turn off the truck and forgot the food. Moments later I was lucky to have an extra set of keys I kept in my drawer. I got my food turned off the truck and locked myself and my wife inside the house. After everything was in apparent calm and tranquility, we decided to eat the food but urgggghhhhhh the Whataburgers were cold, the French fries were very soggy and the ice in our beverages was melting into water. Instead of having a nice dinner I had an angry, scared, cold, soggy, dry dinner.” -Jose V

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