Legend of the Lady in White – White Rock Lake, Texas

Legend of the Lady in White

White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young lady dressed in a white gown. The girl drowned in the lake years ago and her ghostly apparition has haunted the area ever since.

White Rock Lake

Legend says that one night, a young married couple were out for a drive near White Rock Lake and decided to park in a romantic spot that overlooked the boathouse.

After a while, they noticed a white figure emerging from the darkness and making it’s way up the hill towards their car. As the figure came closer, they realized it was a beautiful girl dressed in a long white gown. She was dripping wet, soaked from head to foot.

The girl stumbled towards their car and begged them to help her. She said she had been in an accident while rowing a boat out on the water. The girl pleaded with them to take her home and the couple took pity on her.

They opened the door and the girl got into the back seat. But when they drove off and the wife turned around to talk to the girl, she found the back seat completely empty. The girl in white had disappeared and all that remained was a wet puddle on the back seat.

They found out later that there had been a suicide on White Rock lake years before. In the 1930s a woman paid a visit to her sister but found her hotel room empty except for a suicide note. In the note, the girl said she was going to drown herself in White Rock Lake.

The woman immediately called the police and they raced out to the lake to try and stop the poor girl from harming herself. Unfortunately, they were too late to prevent the tragedy. When they arrived at the edge of the lake, they saw the girl’s head bobbing in the water. They dragged her out of the lake and tried to revive her, but it was no use.

Ever since her death, people who pass by White Rock Lake frequently report encounters with a ghostly young woman wearing a dripping wet white dress. They say she always asks them to help her get home, but after she gets into the car, she vanishes. Each time, the only thing that remains is a wet spot on the back seat.

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