“So, when I was young and lived in the South Texas (Olmito), I had so many problems. I did not get along with my dad and his wife. We all heard she was into brujeria (witchcraft). I remember that I had an argument with her and she said that I was going to regret talking to her like I did.

I am not one to be afraid of stuff like that, anyways, I went back home and it was a cold December night. I was sleeping and all of a sudden, I was startled by loud knocks on the front door. It was 3 AM. My room was towards the back of the house, I was surprised my mom didn’t hear the knocks.

I got up and headed to the door. Then I asked, “who is it?” No one answered, but proceeded to knock again louder. I was getting mad, so I cursed in Spanish, then the door started to shake as if it wanted to come in. Then all of a sudden, I hear whistles and shrieks that made my skin crawl. I heard some evil cackling laughter like if that thing was making fun of me!!

I started to pray the little prayers that I did know and the thing was getting mad. I heard it flapping as if it was trying to fly away. The dining room window did not have a curtain and I saw it fly away to my uncles yard. In the back of his property, he has a light post and I saw it on the light post. It was a huge bird-like creature human size.

It looked to be covered in brown fur and I could tell it was a female because it had female breasts. I saw as if it was eating something because it had hands, but it’s arms had skin flaps that allowed it to fly. I was spying on it from the kitchen window with the lights off. I guess my mom heard me and got up to see what i was doing.

I told her not to talk because it would hear us. My mom could not believe what she saw. I felt scared, but then I remembered my dad’s wife’s threat and it gave me more courage to be brave. I went back to bed and in the morning I asked my mom and she said she didn’t know what I was talking about.

I know she was doing it so I can forget about it. I know what I saw. I headed to the store in the morning, and I saw 3 dead cats on the side of the road close to each other with their eyes missing. After that, I told my uncle what I saw and we headed to the light post and we could see blood spots.

He was really surprised and scared I guess. Till this day, I am not scared anymore. I know there is a shadow that looks at me at my home where I live, but I don’t let it hurt me or intimidate me either.” -Eddie

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2 Comments on “Stepmother Uses Brujeria To Harm Step Son – Olmito, TX”

  1. Dear: Eddie

    Good for you for not being afraid though magick ; REAL magick is no joke you may wish to consult a White
    Witch/Warlock or Hoodoo Priest/Priestess about your problem no matter how much of a christian you are when dealing with real black magick and the world of Darkness even your God and your church can not protect you trust me on that. My Aunt treated her domestic worker like total shit so she cursed her and only after a white magick practitioner reversed said curse did she recover (she was part of a big church following) she died in hospital 26 years ago. I Also managed to get my self some what cursed by our domestic worker (kids doing stupid things she though did not see it that way imagine that getting your life fucked up because you were naughty at the tender age of 4 and not by much just spreading dirt literately where she cleaned not worth in my opinion to curse some one for life!) any way may she rot in the earth and burn for eternity in Hellios/Hell`s fire tortured like her curse tortures me! so I mote it for so it be in Hell as in on Earth now and for ever more!. That Eddie is how you truly deal with these cockroaches ; weeds and plainly fuck ups who never should have known about real magick to begin with for they can not handle its power obviously! cursing some one is no simple thing nor is it in retrospect a good idea innocent people could and often times do get hurt because of it. I would know I have done a fair share of curses and hexes which worked out to my regret as I regret each one every day and every second.

    1. “Even your God and your church”
      You know what God is, do you? The Almighty, The True, The Creator, Father, Holy Spirit who made EVERYTHING. And you’re telling me the one who created everything, EVERYTHING into existence is too weak, too powerless to help you against evil? DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF??? GOD ALMIGHTY IS CALLED ALMIGHTY FOR A REASON!!! And I best suggest you better yourself in your faith rather than going off of experiences where you experienced darkness and Blane God for not aiding you.

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