Horrifying Creature Stalks Man Near Bridge (Corpus Christi, TX)


“It was 1973. I was hitchhiking from New Braunfels to Corpus Christi on TX-123. it was 2-3 in the morning and there was a fog that had settled. It was late and the first 2 cars did not stop, they just kept driving. I understood. It was late. But I was young and dumb and proceeded on.

I came up to a bridge and began walking across it. As I did I began to hear the same thing. “pssst”. I thought I was hearing things and continued walking. A few minutes later I heard it again. The bridge was long, but I knew I had heard something. I looked down the side to the bridge and was barely able to make out the floor. But there was nothing there. I continued walking and heard it again, and then again.

I thought it was just somebody messing with me, Perhaps a transient seeking shelter under the bridge. then i remember thinking, how did they see me and how did they hear me from the other side of the bridge? The sound was emanating from under the bridge. How were they following me from under the bridge?

The noise began to get louder as I was nearing the end of the bridge and then, I heard indistinct voices. Not one but multiple voices. I was dumb. naive. I thought I was brave and bad. So I did what any idiot would do. I began to descend under the bridge.

The voices began to move away. So I started walking deeper down. I thought I began to hear laughter then it dawned on me. They were luring me down. I paused and slowly began to backtrack and then I heard “psst once again. It was coming towards me. “pssst ” closer still. A heaviness and urgency filled me as I turned to run. “”pssst ” closer still.

The fog got heavier as I began to sprint. “Psst” it had to have been only yards away. My lungs were beginning to burn and I could feel my side beginning to hurt. Light up ahead, an oncoming car, my salvation on the opposite side.

To this day I am not sure what he saw. He saw me running and he must have seen what was behind me. His face was in utter disbelief, he slowed down enough to get a better look and then sped away. I was defeated, my muscles began to protest and then “Psst” it was already at my back. Just then a semi came out of nowhere. It was coming fast. I took my chances and started flailing my arms, He saw me and began to slow down.

Whatever this thing was. The semi seemed to scare it off. I turned around still moving forward and saw nothing. There was a lot of lights on the semi and the entire area seemed to be illuminated. He opened the door and I jumped in. Before I closed the door I heard someone from the side in the brush “Psst,… Almost..” it was guttural and angry. I looked to the driver and asked him “Did, you hear that?”, He smiled and said must be coyotes.

“You alright, son? Where you headed” he asked as he put the rig in gear and slowly lumbered back on to the pavement. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something. Something angry and big, something I won’t describe. Something that should not be. “Corpus, sir, thank you, you don’t know what a blessing you are”… I wanted to cry. I was scared. But i was alive. I was alive.” -Blue

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