Wailing Ghost Woman Seen Floating

“It was in the late 1970s. We lived in Las Vegas, New Mexico. We lived on 8th street. The Gallinas River was about 2 blocks away down the hill from our house. My mom slept in her own room and I slept in my own room. It had snowed about 2 feet and the snow quit falling about 10 pm. There was a full moon. We had one light pole across from our house. I was awakened about 2 am by the sound of a woman screaming and wailing. Her voice was far away. I couldn’t understand what she was saying due to the distance but I heard words. I remembered that my good friend Casey lived in a house down the hill and his mom and dad would have some nasty fights when his dad came home drunk and once or twice Casey would come over to ask my dad to go separate them until his old man sobered up. He was a serious mean drunk.

So I ran to the window when I heard the crying. I figured a bad fight had occurred and this time Casey’s mom was coming for help to take her drunken husband out so she could get some peace. To my surprise and horror, this wasn’t the case. I was looking down the hill toward the river and I saw this glowing ball of light. It appeared like an old fashioned oil lantern as it started getting closer. She or it was still screaming. This light was maybe 200 yards away. As it got closer I saw this light was floating by itself. When it was about 50 yards away I saw the light was being held by this apparition shaped like a person with a white dress that was transparent. She had a shawl on covering her face.

You could see the outline of a dress and the shawl covering where her face should have been. The snow and the full moon helped reflect the light of the apparition. The wailing and crying were so sad I could feel her pain and I began to tear up. I could see now that she didn’t have feet and was simply floating about 6 to 12 inches above the ground. As she came closer to the light pole she was a mere 20 yards outside my window I could see that she was looking my direction. Her head turned toward me. Her waling stopped.

Also, before her wailing stopped I could make out the words she was saying in Spanish. “Why did I do this? My children. My babies. I must get them back. I’m so so sorry.” When she quit crying and appeared to look in my direction I became scared. I was literally paralyzed. I couldn’t scream for my mom. I couldn’t move. I was frozen. She was changing direction and walking toward my window. Toward me. Then these small little lights started surrounding her. They were just little balls of light that appeared to go toward her rapidly like small dogs nipping at her to change her direction.

They would go toward her and then move away very quickly close to the ground. She began to wail again and swing the lantern wildly as if these little light balls were interfering with her will to come toward me. They didn’t bother her if she was going away from my direction. Finally, I got the courage to run and went into my mom’s room and tried to wake her up. She would not awaken.

I grabbed her right as I heard this wailing her very close to my mom’s bedroom window. I could see through the white curtain that she was right outside. Then the little balls of lights appeared out of nowhere and forced her to walk away from our house. When they appeared this time I could hear growling like a bunch of small dogs as each ball of light would go toward her. This time I heard her say in Spanish “ Let me save him. He is mine. I need him. Please stop!” I’ve told this story many times and I could remember it like yesterday.” -Trent

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