“This was about two years ago ,but it is still bothering me about what I saw and I could really use the help (and closure). I was driving late at night from China Spring to Whitney, Texas.

I saw something white on the side of the road and figured it was a dog or goat, but as I got closer, I had a chill go up my spine and almost felt like the breath was sucked out of me.

I saw a white figure that was hunched over that was skin and bones. It was walking down the shoulder and didn’t budge or look as the truck drove by almost as if I wasn’t even there. I tried to see it’s face, but it’s head hung low and it’s neck swung almost like it was broken. I was too scared to look back and floored it.

Artwork by Izel Vargas, South Texas Native https://www.facebook.com/izelv

I remember looking something up a long time ago about it being a bad omen or sign of death. My chocolate lab had been howling after I saw this creature and two weeks later she passed away.”                         – Anonymous

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3 Comments on “Trucker Sees Skinwalker Near China Spring And Whitney, TX”

  1. not at all a skinwalker because a skinwalker is a human like creature thta walks on all fours and takes the skin from animals that either it killed or it found and it was already dead and it wears it like a cloak and it can also imitate the sounds and voices that it has heard.

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