Evil Black Dogs In Bailey, Texas

There have been reports all over the world when it comes to evil black dogs terrifying people.  Many cultures have their own version or explanation about what they might be.  Some theories claim that witnessing these dogs could be a harbinger for death.  Check out this East Texas encounter.


“Some friends of mine were playing hide n  go seek out on her property in Bailey Texas, me and her were hiding together a little behind her house out in the field behind some old wood and tin. I will never forget when she grabbed my hand and whispered almost screeching from fear there was a big black dog dog 10 feet behind us (she had no big dogs) they had issues with strays, but never a black one of this size apparently.

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So she says, “as soon as we lift up, run and don’t look back. We boom it, screaming the whole way. Nothing chased us and we found no dog. The reason I even got to this sight was because I was looking for sightings on black dogs in Texas. I was out with my cat and a couple streets up (its dark) I see what I think is two people in black riding their bikes or running towards my direction eerily silent.

I pick up my cat and get a bad feeling as I’m backing up. I’m starring at them and notice its two big ass lean looking black dogs headed my direction hauling ass!! #%%&$# freaked me out I grabbed my cat and took the hell off up to my porch and still haven’t looked around the corner. I heard them barking too.

I live in a small Texas town so I see strays from time to time, but these had me feeling a type of way and I trust my gut. Something about these dogs were off.” -Sabre

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