This story comes to us from Dulce in South Texas

On December 27, 2012 we were visiting the Valley and were at my in laws house with our kids in McAllen. We had been there all day but were not going to sleep there, we were sleeping over at my mother’s house in Edinburg. It was very cold at night and once it got to midnight I started nagging at my husband that we needed to make our way to my mother’s house in Edinburg because of how late and cold it was and we had the kids. So finally we left the house around 12:30am. My in laws house is like three minutes away from the intersection of Bicentennial and Tamarack Ave.

As we began to approach that intersection,(there’s some railroad tracks) I see a woman standing in the corner dressed in black. I looked at the time it was 12:33am and the temperature outside said 32*F. I told my husband “what the fuck is this lady doing out here in this cold night on Bicentennial and there’s no cars?” My husband was freaked out and he worded “what the fuck” in disbelief. As we got closer we could see she was wearing an all black dress all the way to passed her knees, she had a black “rebozo” over her head and her hands were in front of her body one hand over the other resting on her stomach. Her head was bowed down so I couldn’t see her face.

She was literally right on the intersection. We were on Tamarack heading east towards 10th street. As we began to pass her we were literally like two feet from her. Had we opened the door we could had been able to hit her with the door that’s how close she was to the street from the sidewalk. We both looked at her as we passed her through my husband’s window. That’s when we realized she was a ghost. I yelled at my husband to keep going because he wanted to go back and I told him no to keep going.

I called my brother in law who was still at my in laws house and I told him to go check to see if she’s there. He immediately got in his car with one of our nephews and when they got to the intersection that is really close to the house he said there was nobody out there. Our hearts were racing! As soon as we got to my mothers house in Edinburg we tried looking up anything related to what we saw on that intersection and we found nothing online. It never happened to us again. Keep in mind that my husband grew up in that area and never had seen this lady in black before. I also grew up in McAllen and had driven through there thousands of times and this was the first time she ever appeared to me. It was the scariest thing to have witnessed. I was on the passenger side so I couldn’t tell as we were passing her if she had feet or anything but from a distance all I could see was her black dress.
Has anyone ever seen her or have heard this happen to anyone else? Does anyone know why she is there?

If you have experienced something like this before, comment below.

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12 Comments on “Ghost Lady in Black in McAllen, Texas”

  1. I used to live down the street from there! On the corner of Tamarak and 16th street! Used to see that lady a lot as a kid! My grandmother told me that someone had gotten hit my a train there…

      1. I honesty have no idea. I moved from there when I was about 10. But I would see her a lot as a kid. I haven’t really don’t much research on it. My I mentioned it to my friend and she even said that her mom would see her close to the railroad tracks. That when she as younger someone was hit by a train around midnight.

        1. What’s the street address id like to experience a paranormal activity it’s something I love doing with my girlfriend…tbh…

    1. I had to research this as my fiancé and I expiernbced this last night at 10:38pm down Cage Rd in Pharr Tx. We both slowed down because we were freaked out and both of us instantly had our stomachs drop. She was walking really slow and had both hands together as if she was holding something. I think I saw her cheek even though she was looking down and it looked almost white super pale like dead skin. My fiancé looked down and then looked at me. He didn’t want me to see it but it was too late. I saw her. I told home we need to turn around and go home. It’s a bad omen to see someone like that. It’s a warning. We didn’t turn around we ran our errand and came back home the same way but she was no where to be found. Location of where we saw her. 1207 S Cage Blvd, Pharr, TX 78577. It was a once in a life time thing and I’m sure we will never see her again.

  2. You know just traveled into mcallen Texas, I started that stretch from the 281 to mcallen from the split of corpus Crispin, estimated time of travel for 177 miles on Highway 281 time to arrive at 2am. I averaged 85 MPh and got to mcallen at 630am that’s a 4 1/ 2 hour of lost time that can’t be mathematically calculated. Has anyone had this happen to them here, where the estimated time and the arrival time has such a huge difference

    1. Once coming to Weslaco from San Marcos, TX, we saw a sign that said Edinburg, I don’t remember how many miles, over or close to 100 or something. Half an hour later, palm trees. Freaked us out. My friend looked at me and was like, we shouldn’t be here yet. This was like in 1997 or 98.

  3. I saw a lady in black at the intersection of nolana and bicentennial years back about 12:30am she was wearing a long black dress long sleeves ,she was standing at the edge of the canal, the way she was standing, her posture was strange she was kind of leaning fowrard her head looking down her arms down but in front of her body really strange I turned the car around and came back and she was still in the same position really weird

    1. Javier thats Her!!! Same thing we saw she was just in a different intersection. Same posture and everything. I lived in McAllen for ever and had never seen her till that day.

  4. Time to go searching 👍🏼 How interesting. Glad to see two different sources claiming the same thing.

  5. I saw this same lady in McAllen on old 83 heading east on the railroad tracks she had a long black dress and black hat she had a hand over stomach and was walking fast as if she was busy! It was 1230 at night and it was really cold and kinda raining. I didn’t really think anything about it till I got home and realized she was dressed in old attire. I will go searching for her this year again!!

  6. it’s 3am and i has just moved into this big house in mcallen and creepy stuff has been happening so i did a little research to see if i found anything on the background of this house and i didn’t but i did find this article and read the comments i live minutes from the location of these incidents and i’ve also lived here my whole life; i’m 19 and i’m really curious to see if i can find anything to lead me finding this lady. if anyone else has spotted her please give me more information and give me the exact location if possible

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