Lechuza attacks woman in Donna, Texas

Hello, I would like to share that I used to live on North Valverde Road and Sioux Road in Donna, Texas. I was coming home from a party driving down Valverde Road with my car’s sunroof open and it must have been 1 or 2 am. Well as I am turning into Sioux Road I hear scratching noises. I glance up at my sunroof and see a lechuza flying over my car and trying to get in and making a screeching noise.

Now believe me I was a little tipsy but I sobered up quick and reached up to close the sunroof and hauled ass home. As I pulled in my drive way I honked until my mom came out side and I told her everything. I calmed down but wasn’t able to sleep that night because I kept hearing scratching noises. I told my mom in the morning and she said heard the same thing.

She went outside to water her plants and could not believe her eyes her garden decorations were all broken like if a bird had picked at it… The flower pots were bent and destroyed…. My car had the exact same scratches on the hood and sunroof. Now I don’t know if the incidents were connected but it scared the crap outta me. – Karen

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